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Woman With Profane Anti-Trump Sticker Goes After Sheriff

Karen Fonseca added Troy Nehls' name to her list, and the back window of her truck

(Newser) - The Texas woman who became infamous last week after Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls threatened to arrest her for driving around with a "F--- Trump" bumper sticker on her truck has added the sheriff's name to her latest expletive-ridden decal, the Houston Chronicle reports. Yesterday Karen Fonseca... More »

Anti-Obama Bumper Sticker Not Racist: Seller

Racism on the rise as 2012 race heats up

(Newser) - Forbes has tracked down the seller of the controversial "2012: Don't re-nig" anti-Obama bumper sticker , and Paula Smith claims there's nothing racist about it. "According to the dictionary," the "N word" does "not mean black. It means a low-down, lazy, sorry, low-down... More »

Racist Obama Bumper Sticker Hits Facebook

Plays on N-word in election warning

(Newser) - A racist bumper sticker warning against President Obama's re-election is popping up all over Facebook, notes the Huffington Post . The sticker tells readers not to "re-nig in 2012," adding in small print, "Stop repeat offenders. Don't re-elect Obama!" Looks like the sticker comes from... More »

Tennessee Gets Tough on Bumper Stickers

...on offensive ones, that is

(Newser) - Note to Tennessee drivers: You may want to scrape any R-rated bumper stickers from your car before driving to the fireworks ... or anywhere else in the state. As of last Friday, motorists whose vehicles bear obscene or offensive stickers or markings will automatically be fined $50. And keep it clean... More »

Poor? You Can Still Save the World

20 ways to make a charitable donation without emptying your wallet

(Newser) - Even if the Great Recession has left you without a lot of disposable income, you can still help make the world a better place. The Christian Science Monitor rounds up no- and low-budget ways you can help by donating:
  • Business attire: The clothes you're no longer wearing to the office
... More »

Jersey Shore Disses Tourists, aka FOOTs

Locals aren't into f-ing out of towners, apparently

(Newser) - Shocking: The land that keeps on giving us Snooki has a foul-mouthed message for its tourists: You're a FOOT. That would be "F***ing Out of Towner." It seems that locals, whose economy benefits from the arcade-playing, ice cream-eating visitors who invade its beaches each summer, resent these folks... More »

Palin to Fans: Stop Cars With Obama Bumper Stickers

Palin still opposed to 'hopey changey stuff'

(Newser) - Sarah Palin gave a Nevada Tea Party Express rally some curious marching orders on Saturday, telling them to stop and harass anyone with an Obama bumper sticker. After quoting a common conservative sticker (“Government: If you think our problems are bad, wait until you see our solutions”) she... More »

Obama Bumper Sticker Leads to Road Rage Outburst

Driver hit with felony charge after incident in moving traffic

(Newser) - A Tennessee man and his 10-year-old daughter who were in a car with an Obama bumper sticker are grateful for their safety after another motorist allegedly rammed them in traffic. Mark Duren was driving when he noticed Harry Weisiger behind him, pointing to the bumper and flipping him off. Duren... More »

Anthony Case Inspires Merchandise Bonanza

(Newser) - The Casey Anthony murder case has inspired a bevy of profiteers hawking everything from “Caylee Sunshine” dolls to “CASEY ANTHONY=DEATH PENALTY” bumper stickers, the Orlando Sentinel reports. “There’s a long history of people being interested in high-profile murder cases and other people trying to make a... More »

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