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Things Are Getting Desperate in Venezuela

As hunger deepens, looting increases

(Newser) - A shortage of beer and Coke is the least of concerns in Venezuela, where residents are facing hunger, drought, power shortages, and the world's highest inflation rate at 480% amid a worsening economic crisis brought about by plummeting oil prices. The latest:
  • The New York Times explains 87% of
... More »

First Venezuela Lost Its Beer, Now It's Losing Its Coke

Sugar shortage has forced Coca-Cola to halt production there

(Newser) - Forget about buying the world a Coke —Venezuela can't even buy itself one now. Barely a month after the country's main brewery stopped beer production due to Venezuela's ongoing economic crisis , Coca-Cola has announced that it's also halting production of sugary beverages there because of... More »

There's a Bunker Hiding $10M Somewhere in Utah

Overstock CEO says it will help company survive a financial meltdown

(Newser) - In 2013, the CEO of retail website revealed the company owned "some precious metals and maybe some Bitcoin" that could prove helpful in case of a shutdown of the banking system. That was a bit of an understatement. CEO Patrick Byrne tells Buzzfeed the Utah company actually... More »

Geithner: Obama Won't Ask Me to Stay

Treasury secretary says he's done after election

(Newser) - Tim Geithner is pretty sure he's going to be joining the ranks of the jobless after the election: The Treasury secretary—the longest serving member of President Obama's economic team—tells Bloomberg that Obama is "not going to ask me to stay on, I’m pretty confident.... More »

How Iceland Got Its Groove Back

Letting its banks perish worked out for island nation

(Newser) - Don't look now, but Iceland's economy is growing. Tourism is up, the standard of living remains high, and unemployment is down to 7%. "For a country whose entire financial system collapsed, Iceland is doing remarkably well," the IMF's mission chief there tells the Washington Post... More »

Tourism Spikes Worldwide

Europe sees boost as Middle East, North Africa lose travelers

(Newser) - The economic crisis, Japanese disasters, and the Arab Spring couldn't stop tourists from globetrotting last year, AFP reports. European tourism surged the most—6% higher than in 2010—helping to fuel an international rise of 4.4% that clocked 980 million travelers, according to a UN report. But tourists... More »

Audience Loudly Cheers Cain's 'Blame the Jobless'

Crowd startles again in GOP debate

(Newser) - It's becoming common in this wave of GOP debates that audience members are also newsmakers: At last night's debate, the crowd cheered lustily when Herman Cain proudly stood by an earlier statement that the unemployed are to blame for their unemployment. "If you don't have a... More »

Don't Just Be Afraid Amid Market Chaos—Be Angry

Deficit hawks exploited this crisis and made it worse: Krugman

(Newser) - All this stock market turbulence should make you not only afraid but mad, writes Paul Krugman in the New York Times . That's because deficit hawks have worsened the mess by "hijacking" the crisis to focus on their “favorite hobbyhorse," he writes. "What the market was... More »

Moore to Obama: 'Show Some Guts,' Arrest S&P CEO

At least President Matt Damon might stand up for his beliefs

(Newser) - Michael Moore wants President Obama to arrest the head of Standard & Poor's, blaming the company for the 2008 financial crisis and saying their downgrading of US government debt is threatening to create another one, reports the Washington Times . “Pres Obama, show some guts & arrest the CEO... More »

It's the Busted Consumer Bubble, Stupid

With no consumer spending, economy keeps dragging

(Newser) - There are plenty of theories and explanations for the economic crisis that has afflicted the United States for years now, but they all miss the element of the continuing malaise—it's really about the bursting of the decades-long consumer spending bubble, writes David Leonhardt in the New York Times... More »

Banks Profited by Loaning Fed Money Back to ... Feds

They charged bigger interest rates on cheap money from Uncle Sam

(Newser) - Crisis-walloped banks aided with federal loans likely made a fortune by lending the same money back to the federal government at substantially higher interest rates, a new report indicates. The study by the Congressional Research Service supports complaints that the largest banks essentially engaged in taxpayer-financed arbitrage by cashing in... More »

Americans Can Afford to Get Divorced Again

Rate is going back up as economy improves, say lawyers

(Newser) - Divorce is financially prudent again. Lawyers and marriage experts say that the American divorce rate, which slackened during the recession, is rebounding as the economy improves, the Financial Times reports. Essentially, fewer people are staying together just to save the cost of a breakup. "There is huge pent-up demand,... More »

Did Bankers Go to Jail for Causing Great Depression?

No, although a couple were charged and some were embarrassed

(Newser) - The government could soon prosecute a few Wall Streeters who allegedly played a role in the financial crisis, and the commission that uncovered those at fault was modeled on a similar probe after the Great Depression. So did anyone who precipitated that collapse ever go to jail? Nope, writes Brian... More »

10 Companies That'll Be Dead by 2012

Even household names like Sara Lee unlikely to survive

(Newser) - The economic crisis can be blamed for the death of quite a few large companies already—think Circuit City, Northwest Airlines, and Countrywide—so which ones can we expect to go bye-bye this year? Here are 10 American companies that seem unlikely to survive, from 24/7 Wall St. via Daily... More »

How Banks' Fake Daisy-Chains Led to Meltdown

Self-dealing artificially propped up market for CDOs

(Newser) - An extensive ProPublica investigation reveals what it calls “one of the greatest episodes of self-dealing in financial history.” Banks, most notably Merrill Lynch, set the stage for the economic meltdown by rewarding themselves for said “self-dealing” during the final two years of the housing bubble. They created... More »

G20 Leaders Head Home, Vowing to Cut Deficits

Economic powers set goals for reducing public debt

(Newser) - The leaders of the Group of 20 nations wrapped up their 2-day summit today in Toronto, striking an agreement to reduce deficits over the next 3 to 6 years without endangering the global economic rebound. The major economic powers vowed to cut their deficits in half by 2013 and "... More »

Bottled Water Sales Head Down the Drain

Environmentalists claim credit; industry blames economy

(Newser) - Bottled water sales are sinking, and environmentalists point triumphantly to their hard-fought campaign against the wasteful industry. Consumption is expected to drop 2% this year, following a 3.2% drop last year, MSNBC reports. But industry executives say it’s just a natural result of the economic downturn, noting that... More »

Detroit's Silverdome Sells for 1% of $56M Cost

Stunning bargain sale marks state's desperation

(Newser) - In a stunning sign of the imploding economy, Detroit is selling its $56 million sports dome for a bargain basement $580,000. The 80,000-seat Pontiac Silverdome, once home to the Detroit Lions, went for 1 percent of the cost to build it 35 years ago. The city of Pontiac... More »

Pittsburgh G-20 March Proceeds Peacefully

Demonstration free of violence that marked yesterday's protests

(Newser) - Protesters again marched in Pittsburgh today while world leaders met at the G-20 summit, but the demonstration has so far been peaceful, in marked contrast to the mayhem that marked yesterday’s rally. The demonstration, organized by the antiwar Thomas Merton Center, made its way across town after an opening... More »

Fed Sees More Signs of Recovery

(Newser) - The economy is finally beginning to show signs of stabilizing in some parts of the US, bolstering hopes of a broader-based recovery this year. A Federal Reserve snapshot of economic conditions issued today finds that most of the Fed's 12 regions indicated either that "the pace of decline has... More »

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