Tim Kretschmer

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German Gunman 'Totally Normal Teen'

Classmates say school shooter was shy but never seemed strange

(Newser) - The 17-year-old who calmly gunned down his former classmates and teachers in Germany this week before taking his own life seemed like a normal teenager, Der Spiegel reports. Tim Kretschmer was inconspicuous and shy, schoolmates say, but he wasn't a loner and wasn't considered strange. Police say they have searched... More »

German Gunman Targeted Girls

(Newser) - German police are still seeking some twisted motive for a suicidal teen gunman who shot dead 14 people at his former high school, but he clearly appears to have targeted girls, reports the Telegraph. Tim Kretschmer, 17, killed nine former schoolmates, eight of them girls, as well as three female... More »

German Gunman Was Calm, Ruthless: Witnesses

Witnesses describe student's rampage

(Newser) - Tim Kretschmer was calm and silent as he gunned down his former classmates today in southern Germany, witnesses tell the Telegraph. Kretschmer, 17, moved between classrooms dispatching his victims—mainly girls—with a weapon he’d brought from home. The only words survivors heard him say were “Aren’t... More »

3 Stories