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17-Year-Old Charged With N. Ireland Cop's Murder

Boy also accused of membership in Continuity IRA

(Newser) - A 17-year-old boy has been charged with the murder of a policeman in Northern Ireland earlier this month, reports the Telegraph. Stephen Carroll was shot dead on March 9 in the first killing of a police officer in the region in 12 years. The youth, who has not been named,... More »

Nervous N. Ireland Cancels St. Paddy's Parade

Festivities called off in town where policeman was killed

(Newser) - A St. Patrick’s Day parade set for today in Northern Ireland was canceled amid growing tensions, reports the Times of London. Loyalist leaders have been nervous about reprisals in Lurgan, where a police officer was shot dead by an Irish republican paramilitary last week. Graffiti in a loyalist area... More »

Policeman's Funeral Unites Northern Ireland

Killing by IRA splinter group provokes defiant display in favor of peace

(Newser) - Northern Ireland's Catholics and Protestants united yesterday to mourn a policeman killed by an IRA splinter group, the New York Times reports. In what some mourners described as the most improbable gathering of old enemies in modern Irish history, IRA veterans stood side by side with loyalists and security chiefs... More »

Frantic Cops Hunt IRA Bomb

Police from both sides of border team to find 300-lb. device

(Newser) - Security forces from both sides of the Irish border are scrambling to find a 300-pound bomb that the Real IRA may have smuggled from the Republic into Northern Ireland. A telephone call alerted authorities that the device was intended for an army barracks. Belfast was also on alert after a... More »

4 Stories