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Obama CIO Stole Shirts From JC Penney

Kundra comes across as 'petty thief with bad taste in clothes'

(Newser) - Days ago, it emerged that President Obama’s Chief Information Officer once pleaded guilty to theft; now the Business Insider comments on what Vivek Kundra stole: $134 worth of JC Penney shirts. “At an average of $33.50 a pop, they weren't even nice shirts, even in 1996 dollars”... More »

Obama's CIO Once Pleaded Guilty to Theft

Embattled Kundra swiped less than $300 back in 1997

(Newser) - Vetting blunders don't get much more basic than this: Vivek Kundra, Barack Obama’s embattled Chief Information Officer, has a criminal record, Gawker’s Owen Thomas reports. Kundra, who’s currently suspended because of unrelated bribery charges against an employee, pleaded guilty to stealing less than $300 in 1997, according... More »

Obama Aide on Leave After DC Raids

Computer chief isn't charged, but his old office is involved

(Newser) - President Obama's new computer chief is on leave after the FBI raided his old DC government office and arrested a city employee and a technology consultant on corruption charges, a White House official said. Vivek Kundra has not been charged, and he does not appear to be a target of... More »

Bribery Sting Nets Employee of Obama Tech Appointee

Vivek Kundra not linked to DC investigation: FBI

(Newser) - FBI agents raided the office of the District of Columbia’s chief technology officer today as part of a federal bribery investigation, WTOP-AM reports. The FBI arrested an employee of the agency and a private contractor who has received several hundred thousand dollars in city contracts. Vivek Kundra, President Obama’... More »

4 Stories