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She Got Her Finger Up His Nose. That's All Cops Needed

DNA sample helped Seattle police find Jose Luis Tum-Coronado, 35

(Newser) - A woman helped police track down a sexual-assault suspect by literally getting in his face, Q13 Fox reports. Prosecutors in Washington state have charged Jose Luis Tum-Coronado, 35, as he sits in a Georgia prison—all because the unidentified assault survivor stuck her finger up his nose. "My main... More »

Bubble Burst on Mystery of Knuckle-Cracking Pop

Mathematical model points to collapse of gas bubble in finger joint

(Newser) - Nearly everyone has been annoyed by (or indulged in) articular release of the metacarpophalangeal joint—aka, knuckle cracking. Now, per the New York Times , one theory has risen over a competing one in the decades-long mystery of what creates the popping sound. In a study in Scientific Reports , journal researchers... More »

He Went in for the Flu. He Lost His Feet and Fingers

Texas dad Brian Herndon developed pneumonia as well as influenza and went into septic shock

(Newser) - "One minute you've got the flu and the next minute you're septic." That's the message from a Texas man who lost both of his feet and nearly all of his fingers after coming down last month with the illness, per WFAA . As flu season continues... More »

Thumbs-Up for What Doctors Did With Aussie Man's Big Toe

They replaced Zac Mitchell's severed thumb with his toe after farm accident

(Newser) - It was just another April day on a Western Australia farm for Zac Mitchell, until it suddenly wasn't. In a freak accident described by the ABC , the cattle worker was herding the animals in his charge when one bull "cleaned me up and kicked my hand up against... More »

Rejected by US, Accepted by Canada: 'I'm Finally Home'

Refugee who lost all his fingers on trek north will be able to stay in Canada

(Newser) - A Ghanaian refugee who lost all his fingers to frostbite after his Christmas Eve journey to Canada wept with joy after learning he would not be sent back to his homeland, where he fears persecution for being bisexual. Canada's refugee board has accepted the asylum claim of Seidu Mohammed,... More »

Woman's Fingers Returned to Her 80 Years After Death

New Zealand is repatriating the remains of 37 individuals

(Newser) - When New Zealand educator Jessie Marguerite Fendell was found in a dry creek bed at the bottom of a cliff near the school where she worked in 1933, her family didn't believe that her death was an accident. So investigators exhumed her body three months later, sent her fingers... More »

2nd NFL Player Loses Fingers to Fireworks

Tampa Bay's CJ Wilson is leaving the game, at least temporarily

(Newser) - Tampa Bay Buccaneers cornerback CJ Wilson has been placed on the reserve/retired list while he recovers from losing two fingers on his right hand in a July 4 fireworks accident. The third-year pro out of North Carolina State is one of two NFL players, along with defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul... More »

Scientists Figure Out Why Knuckles Crack

They needed a finger-pulling device

(Newser) - Scientists equipped with an MRI scanner, a finger-pulling device, and a man they call the "Wayne Gretzky of knuckle-cracking" say they've cracked the mystery of that popping sound your knuckles make when cracked. In a University of Alberta press release, the team says their video reveals that the... More »

Man's Finger Length Could Point to Schizophrenia Risk

Scientists say it has to do with exposure to testosterone in the womb

(Newser) - The length of a man's index and ring fingers have recently been linked from everything to promiscuity and how nice he is to women . The idea is that finger lengths change depending on exposure to testosterone in utero, and it's known as the "2D:4D" ratio. A... More »

Finger Length Indicates How Nice a Man Is to Women

The 2D:4D ratio is tied to agreeable, quarrelsome behavior

(Newser) - A study released earlier this month relied on the "2D:4D" ratio to determine that 57% of men are inclined to be promiscuous . Now, a second study says the same ratio—which makes use of the length of the index and ring fingers—can also indicate how nice men... More »

Meet Brazil's Family of 6-Fingered Soccer Fans

Silva family has an extra digit due to a genetic condition

(Newser) - There are plenty of die-hard soccer fans out there, but few are receiving as much media attention during this World Cup as Brazil's Silva family. As a result of a genetic condition known as polydactyly, all 14 members of the four-generation family were born with an extra digit on... More »

Dad Shoots Family Dog to Retrieve Boy's Finger

Florida man disembowels animal in frantic search

(Newser) - A father in Florida shot and disemboweled one of the family dogs yesterday in an effort to retrieve his son's finger, the Bradenton Herald reports. Luis Brignoni, 41, pulled the finger out and rushed his 11-year-old to a hospital in St. Petersburg—but doctors said the nerve damage was... More »

Iran Rolls Out 'Finger-Chopping Machine'

New device an attempt to quell protest: activist

(Newser) - After publicly hanging two muggers , Iran has released photos of an apparent finger-chopping machine used for punishing criminals. The four images show a convicted robber and adulterer losing a finger before he is sentenced to 99 lashes and three years in prison, according to state media. But he shows no... More »

Why Your Fingers Get Pruney in Bath: Better Grip

Which might have come in handy for our forebears, says study

(Newser) - When your fingers and toes get all wrinkly in the bathtub, it's more than just a sign that's it's time to grab a towel. British researchers say it's a trait primates acquired to give them better grip in the water, perhaps as they were swinging from... More »

Finger in Trout Belongs to Guy Who Lost it Months Ago

Wakeboarder lost four fingers in an accident at Idaho's Priest Lake

(Newser) - A human finger found inside a fish at Idaho's Priest Lake has been traced to a wakeboarder who lost four fingers in an accident more than two months earlier. Fisherman Nolan Calvin found the finger while he was cleaning the trout he caught Sept. 11. He put it on... More »

Teen Finds Finger in Arby's Sandwich

Worker had apparently injured herself on meat slicer

(Newser) - Wendy's chili was proven to be finger-free , but it sounds like the same isn't true for Arby's roast beef. Michigan Live reports on the stomach-turning situation, in which a 14-year-old tasted something chewy in his sandwich on Friday. "I was like, 'that gots to be... More »

Unruly Patron Bites Off Bartender's Pinky: Cops

Said patron had just been caught having sex at said bar

(Newser) - Crazy things happen at bars, and then crazeeee things happen at bars ... a tale of the latter, out of New York: Glens Falls police report that Ernest Vannier was caught having sex with a woman around 4am yesterday in the smoking room of a bar called the Daily Double. It... More »

Finger Length Can Point to Size of Man's...

Men with a smaller finger ratio have longer penises: study

(Newser) - You know what they say about men with big feet, right? Well, now you can trade that phrase in for one just a bit more cumbersome: Men whose index and ring fingers are nearly the same size are more likely to have a long penis than men whose digits don'... More »

Prostate Cancer Predictor: Finger Length

Is your index finger longer than your ring finger?

(Newser) - Is your index finger longer than your ring finger? No? Well then we’ve got some bad news for you. A new study, published in the British Journal of Cancer, has discovered that men with longer index fingers were 33% less likely to develop prostate cancer. Researchers theorize that since... More »

Man Robbed of iPad Also Loses Finger

Thief pulling on shopping bag strips flesh off victim's pinky

(Newser) - A Colorado man picking up an iPad for a friend was robbed as he left the store—and the thief pulled so hard on the bag holding the gadget that the robbery victim also lost part of a finger. "He stripped the skin off my pinky and it went... More »

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