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LeAnn Rimes Explodes Over Weight Comment

Apparently someone told her she should eat more ... while she was eating

(Newser) - It's tough being skinny. Just ask LeAnn Rimes. The singer has been the subject of much too-thin chatter (which she has addressed on Twitter ), and it doesn't show signs of letting up. The Huffington Post reports that Rimes "blew up" on Twitter following dinner with hubby... More »

Men Prefer 'Normal' Weight Women

Pictures of faces give info about subjects' health, too

(Newser) - Celebrity culture and body image issues aside, women of “normal” weight are by far the most attractive to the opposite sex. College-age men asked to rate headshots of their counterparts judged women in the normal weight range more attractive. “This sends a strong message to all the girls... More »

India's Boom Does Little for Malnourished Children

42.5% remain underweight despite efforts to fix crisis

(Newser) - India’s economy has soared for a decade, but what its prime minister calls its “national shame” remains: malnourished, underdeveloped children, the New York Times reports. While growing China has cut its proportion of underweight children to 7%, India’s stands at 42.5%. Some say the government doesn’... More »

3 Stories