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Trump's New Economic Adviser Has Surprising Opinions on Tariffs

Sources say Larry Kudlow has accepted role replacing Gary Cohn

(Newser) - Gary Cohn resigned as President Trump's top economic adviser earlier this month over his opposition to Trump's steel and aluminum tariffs . So it stands to reason that the president's choice to replace Cohn ... also opposes those tariffs. Sources tell CNN that Trump has offered the top position... More »

BofA CEO: We Have a Right to Make a Profit

'Our customers will understand' $5 debit card fee

(Newser) - Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan defended his bank’s controversial new $5 debit card fee in a CNBC interview yesterday, saying that most customers would avoid it, and that the bank had given customers plenty of warning about it. Asked to respond to President Obama’s statement that banks... More »

AIG Mess Shows Why the Feds Should Quit Banking

(Newser) - All the hubbub around AIG and its bonuses is “a complete farce,” Larry Kudlow writes in the National Review. No one should be surprised that those in charge have “completely bungled” the situation. “The government shouldn’t run anything, because it cannot run anything,” Kudlow... More »

My 401(k) Proves I Could Do Better Than CNBC

(Newser) - He may have gotten only a B in economics, but James Rainey, in the Los Angeles Times, says he can be the next CNBC personality. “There’s got to be a spot for me on one of those chatter fests,” he says, because “I’ve out-performed the... More »

4 Stories