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Budweiser Renaming Itself 'America' This Summer

But it's only temporary

(Newser) - In an election year filled with the phrase "Make America Great Again," it's perhaps appropriate that Anheuser-Busch InBev is introducing packaging for Budweiser that, as USA Today puts it, is going to "throw some America on it." Per Advertising Age , the company confirmed Tuesday it... More »

Gasp: New Bubble Wrap Is Unpoppable

Fear not: The original version isn't going anywhere

(Newser) - For decades after its invention in 1957, Bubble Wrap was consistently maker Sealed Air’s top seller. By 2012, the adored product had deflated to just 3.6% of its sales. Its new top seller: liquid foam, reports the Wall Street Journal . Why the hate on Bubble Wrap? Well, space... More »

Upside of Pricey Oil: Packages Easier to Open

Expensive 'clamshell' containers may be phased out

(Newser) - The rough economy has its benefits—chief among them the fact that it’s becoming easier to open your new lightbulbs. With oil prices soaring, manufacturers and retailers are looking to cut down on plastic packaging, the New York Times reports. One potential casualty: the clamshell package, which is notoriously... More »

Banned From Using 'Light,' Big Tobacco Turns to Colors

Critics say 'Marlboro Gold' no better than 'Marlboro Light,' and sneakier

(Newser) - The tobacco industry has to remove words like “light” on its cigarette packaging come June, but what they plan to do instead—use colors—has health advocates just as piqued. “They’re circumventing the law,” a professor tells the New York Times of moves like Philip Morris’... More »

Tiny Coke Can Is the New 'Light' Cigarette

Sneaky 'portion control' advertising blitz a cynical ploy: Saletan

(Newser) - The advertising blitz accompanying the release of Coca-Cola’s new 7.5 ounce “mini can” sounds suspiciously like the original pitch for light cigarettes, William Saletan writes. A company exec says the innovation “supports the idea of moderation and offers people yet another way to enjoy their favorite... More »

Cash-Strapped Drinkers Spurn Bottled Water

(Newser) - A combination of penny-pinching and environmental concern has pushed bottled water sales off for the first time in at least 5 years, the Washington Post reports. In 2008, consumption of bottled water fell for the first time this decade. “It's an obvious way to cut back,” a researcher... More »

Wine, Meet Your Future: Plastics

(Newser) - Screw tops, boxes, and now—plastic bottles? A move is afoot to package wine in low-cost, lighter plastic containers, the Los Angeles Times reports. The bottles come with an expiration date because the plastic does not provide the same airtight seal as glass. But because most wine sold in the... More »

Anchovies Aren't Yucky —They're Magical

(Newser) - Many people quake at the mention of anchovies, but if history is any judge, those people are dead wrong, Howard Yoon writes for NPR. In the past, the fish was “so highly prized that it was used to make a condiment, garum, during the Roman Empire that cost as... More »

MillerCoors Testing Mini-Keg for Fridge

(Newser) - MillerCoors is trying out a novel presentation of its Miller and Coors Light beers with the “Home Draft,” a 1.5-gallon mini-keg that stays fresh in the fridge for a month, the Wall Street Journal reports. The set-up is similar to boxed wine. Amid a drop-off in domestic... More »

Recession Harbinger: Less Trash

(Newser) - The current recession was fairly clear to a certain segment of the population as far back as late 2007, the Washington Post reports—landfill operators. Since then, dumps and garbage collectors have seen a steep drop-off in trash—in some cases up to 30%—along with their own jobs. It's... More »

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