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Chile's Thrift Pays Off as Downturn Bites Elsewhere

Finance minister hailed for dodging commodity bubble

(Newser) - Chile's thrifty finance minister is starting to look like a prophet as spendthrift, "grasshopper" economies founder around him, the Wall Street Journal reports. Andres Velasco's tight grip on the country's copper revenue during the commodities boom made him and his party deeply unpopular at the time, but the country... More »

G-20 Vows to Spur Lending

(Newser) - The world's top financial officials promised a three-tiered approach to battling the global economic slowdown today, the Wall Street Journal reports. At the G-20 summit in England, finance ministers vowed to inject money into the IMF and other institutions to lend to struggling countries, while tackling banks' toxic assets and... More »

2 Stories