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Pakistan Boots Musharraf From Election

Onetime military dictator having a rough time mounting a comeback

(Newser) - Pervez Musharraf has got to be feeling more than a little unloved these days: Pakistani judges today disqualified Musharraf from running in an upcoming parliamentary election, a blow to the former military ruler who recently returned from self-imposed exile to make a political comeback. Musharraf had won approval a week... More »

Bin Laden Hunter: Crazy, but on the Right Track

Gary Faulkner was searching exactly where the terrorist might be

(Newser) - Don't be too quick to laugh at the mental image of Gary Faulkner, Osama bin Laden bounty hunter, armed with a samurai sword and searching the forests of northwest Pakistan, writes Dexter Filkins: He was on the right track. Faulkner was actually searching where some of the sharpest intelligence analysts... More »

US Thinks Osama's in Pakistan Mountain Range

Daily News probed evidence, confirmed findings

(Newser) - Washington isn't talking about it, but since 2006 the search for Osama bin Laden has focused on a remote region of Pakistan, the New York Daily News reports in an "exhaustive" investigation. The "impenetrable" Chitral region is home to some of the tallest mountains in the world, the... More »

3 Stories