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Heidi Klum's Aging Secret: Gain Weight!

Cosmetic surgery is nothing compared to the power of a few pounds

(Newser) - Forget Botox: If you want to look young as you grow older, just gain a few pounds, according to Heidi Klum. "The ultimate beauty secret for a woman getting older is, Don't be too thin!" she tells Self . "When you are just muscle, you end up being... More »

Stress Takes Its Toll on Obama's Face

Gray hair, worry lines betray pressures of presidency

(Newser) - Ten months into his presidency, Barack Obama is looking markedly less boyish. Flecks of gray hair and new worry lines have the president looking like the 48-year-old he is rather than the enthusiastic youth of the 2008 campaign. Obama denies it's the stress of the job—"My hair has... More »

Do Deciders Age Prematurely?

Stress causes grays and wrinkles, but nobody agrees whether presidents die early

(Newser) - Four to eight years as leader of the free world gave George W. plenty of wrinkles and gray hairs—but just what are the presidency’s long-term aging effects? One doctor found that presidents generally have shorter-than-average lifespans, the Boston Globe reports, while another pegs two years for every one... More »

Machines Join Japanese Anti-Smoking Effort

Face-scanning system could help ensure buyers are of age

(Newser) - New face-scanning software may help Japanese vending machines decide who can buy cigarettes and who can't, Reuters reports. The system would look for wrinkles and saggy skin to identify customers over the legal smoking age of 20. As of July, vendors are on the hook for checking ID, and the... More »

Botox May Move from Face to Brain

Anti-wrinkle toxin traveled to rats' central nervous system

(Newser) - Botox can spread from the face to the brain, scientists who injected rats with the anti-wrinkle treatment say. Traces of the toxin turned up in the rats' brain stems three days after it was injected into their whisker muscles, Bloomberg reports. A dermatologist says the findings call for further investigation,... More »

Yoga Helps Women Put Their Best Face Forward

New book claims exercises fight wrinkles without Botox

(Newser) - “Satchmo” and “Marilyn” can help women thwart wrinkles without surgery or injections, a new book claims. Yoga facial exercises named after the trumpet player and blond bombshell are helping women tone their facial muscles to look younger, sans Botox, says author Annelise Hagen, who teaches classes on New... More »

Is Your Sunscreen Lying to You?

New study shows that most provide less protection than advertised.

(Newser) - A recent study involving more than 700 sunscreens found that 84% are not cutting it. Many  fail to provide adequate protection from harmful rays, or break down too quickly in the sun, msnbc.com reports. What's more, consumers often rely on SPF numbers to choose a product. But SPF measures... More »

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