My Pet Goat

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Kids With Bush on 9/11 Recall the Moment

He looked like he got 'worst news in the world,' recalls one

(Newser) - In the let-no-stone-go-unturned spirit of 9/11 coverage, AP catches up with the Florida second-graders who were sitting around President Bush as he read My Pet Goat and got the news about the World Trade Center attacks. Samples:
  • "It was like a blank stare. Like he knew something was going
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Check It Out: Bush Strikes $7M Book Deal

(Newser) - The Decider, aka George W. Bush, will write a book titled Decision Points, the New York Post reports. The former president's rumored advance for the book, due out in 2010, is $7 million. That’s $5 million short of Bill Clinton’s deal for My Life, $1 million less than... More »

2 Stories