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Device owners read more slowly, make up for it by reading everywhere

(Newser) - If your New Year’s resolution was to read more, you might want to buy an e-reader. About 40% of e-reader owners say they read more than they used to, according to a new study. On average, they say, they finish 2.6 books a month compared to a traditional... More »

Libraries Embrace E-Book Lending

Compatibility issues and reticent publishing industry slow progress

(Newser) - More than 1 million e-books books were checked out of libraries this year—25% more than all of last year—as libraries offer more and more digital lending. Borrowers can check the book out online—obviating the trip to the library—and can read them on a computer or Sony... More »

Amazon Cuts Kindle Price, Offers Worldwide Wireless

E-reader now just $259, but cheaper Sony device is making inroads

(Newser) - Amazon slashed the price of its Kindle e-reader by $40 today and introduced a new edition of the device that will enable wireless downloads in 100 countries. The move brings the price of a Kindle to $259, which is still $60 more expensive than Sony's competitor. Amazon will also finally... More »

Sony Challenges Kindle With $199 E-Reader

Company angles for bigger share of fast-growing market

(Newser) - Sony plans to fire up competition in the E-reader market with a pair of affordable releases next month, Bloomberg reports. The Sony Reader Pocket Edition, with a 5-inch screen, will be priced at $199. A touch-screen version will sell for $299. Amazon dropped the price of its Kindles to $299... More »

Sony Reader Gets 500K Free Books From Google

Device's library now bigger than Kindle's

(Newser) - Google is making half a million books available for free on the Sony Reader, propelling it past Amazon’s Kindle as the e-book device with the most tomes, at 600,000, the AP reports. The availability of the public-domain books, all published before 1923, marks the first time Google has... More »

Kindle Leads Boom in E-Books

(Newser) - Amazon is widely rumored to be releasing a new version of its Kindle e-reader next week, and the e-book industry appears to be growing, Fortune reports. Sony is pushing its own device, Google has opened up access to millions of books online and for download to mobile devices like the... More »

6 Stories