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Top 5 Political Apologies of All Time

Bill Clinton, Tom Feeney make Politico's list

(Newser) - Freshman Democratic Rep. David Cicilline swallowed hard a couple of weeks ago and apologized for his financial blunders back when he was mayor of Providence, Rhode Island—which inspired Politico to recall their favorite all-time political apologies. Among them:
  • Former Florida Rep. Tom Feeney: His 2003 golfing trip to Scotland
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9 House Races to Watch

Alan Grayson, Tom Perriello, Joseph Cao among those fighting for their job

(Newser) - Polling guru Nate Silver used his highly sophisticated model to predict that the GOP could pick up anywhere from 23 to 81 seats . They need to pick up 39 in order to grab a 218-vote House majority. We boiled it down to the 9 that you should keep an eye... More »

House OKs 90% Tax on AIG Bonuses

(Newser) - By a 328-93 vote, the House today approved a bill that would recover most of the bonus money awarded to executives of bailout-buoyed AIG by taxing it at 90%. The measure drew significant Republican support, and some Democrats made it clear the legislation is an attempt to persuade execs to... More »

3 Stories