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No Country for This Old Man?

US and African Union looking for a country to take in Gadhafi

(Newser) - No one knows who could replace Moammar Gadhafi, but that isn't stopping the Obama administration from looking for a new home for him, reports the New York Times . Gadhafi has had good ties with many African countries, including Chad, Mali, and Zimbabwe, and there have been a few pro-Gadhafi... More »

Coalition Split Over Libya Goals

No clear exit strategy in sight as strikes continue

(Newser) - The international coalition has succeeded in preventing Moammar Gadhafi's forces from crushing Libyan rebels, but it remains deeply divided over the mission's final goal. The allies have agreed to turn control of the no-fly zone over to NATO , but no consensus has emerged on how far they should go in... More »

Stop Wasting $110B a Year on These Turkeys

As Arabs spread democracy, we prop up Afghan, Pakistan regimes

(Newser) - Democracy is on the march across the Arab world, so "What are we doing spending $110 billion this year supporting corrupt and unpopular regimes in Afghanistan and Pakistan that are almost identical to the governments we’re applauding the Arab people for overthrowing?" asks Thomas Friedman in the New ... More »

Regime Change in Iran Could Easily Backfire

The current crew is limited by its own incompetence

(Newser) - Iran’s current government leaves much to be desired, but would the installation of a less ideological, more democratic government actually be desirable for the US and its allies? Maybe not, writes Stephen Walt . For example, Mir Mousavi, Ahmadinejad’s jilted rival in the last “election,” agrees with... More »

US Suspects N Korea Regime Shift

(Newser) - American officials believe North Korea’s increasingly hostile foreign policy is the result of a power shift quietly taking place in the secretive nation, the Wall Street Journal reports. Analysts note that North Korea withdrew from nuclear talks shortly after Kim Jong Il’s suspected stroke, and say the leader’... More »

Obama 'Kowtowing' to Iran: Kristol

(Newser) - President Obama’s recent address to Iran isn’t just weak, and it doesn’t just backpedal—it’s flat out “kowtowing,” William Kristol writes in the Weekly Standard. Unlike President Bush, Obama shows minimal respect for the Iranian people. Instead, he focuses on extending an olive branch... More »

6 Stories