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Prince William Rescues Girl

Go ahead, swoon

(Newser) - It's the stuff British schoolgirls' daydreams are made of: Prince William helped save a 16-year-old girl after she got stranded off the Welsh coast. Wills, an RAF search-and-rescue helicopter pilot, was sent on the mission after surfers saw the teen trying to help her struggling 13-year-old sister, E! reports.... More »

WWII Bomb Forces 45K to Evacuate Town

Experts prepare to defuse aerial explosive spotted in Rhine

(Newser) - Half of the German city of Koblenz is being evacuated so experts can defuse a 1.8 ton World War II bomb. The aerial explosive, believed dropped by the RAF, was spotted in the Rhine River as dry conditions lowered water levels. Some 45,000 residents are leaving the area... More »

William in Frantic Sea Rescue

Prince among RAF pilots who pull 2 Russians from foundering ship

(Newser) - He didn't exactly ride in on a white horse, but Prince William was among the British rescuers who plucked two Russian sailors from their sinking vessel early this morning, reports the BBC . The Swanland, laden with 3,000 tons of limestone, began taking in water when its hull cracked... More »

Helmet Lets Pilots Shoot Targets With a Glance

Turns out looks can kill

(Newser) - Equipped with new headgear, British fighter pilots can knock enemies from the sky with a mere gaze. The $390,000 Striker helmet shows pilots nearby radar-detected targets. The pilot merely looks at a target to choose it, then speaks to fire. It’s one of the biggest technological advances the... More »

Churchill Ordered Air Force to Hide UFO Encounter

Were aliens checking us out during WWII?

(Newser) - Winston Churchill ordered the Royal Air Force to keep secret a suspected UFO encounter during World War II because he feared public hysteria and loss of religious faith, according to newly released documents. "This event should be immediately classified since it would create mass panic and destroy one's belief... More »

UK Scrambles Fighter Jets After Alerts on US Flights

RAF jets respond to alarms from 2 transatlantic flights

(Newser) - Britain's Royal Air Force has scrambled fighter jets twice this month after receiving warnings of possible attempts to hijack American passenger jets, defense sources say. Both incidents proved to be false alarms but they have put fresh focus on Britain's post 9/11 counterterrorism procedures for commercial aircraft, the BBC reports.... More »

British Military Blasted Over White Male Toy Soldiers

(Newser) - The British Defense Ministry is under fire for backing a new line of all-male toy soldiers, reports the Guardian.The promotional campaign for the new toys is also all-white. The figures were created with the help of senior officials from Britain's army, navy, and the Royal Air Force. They carry... More »

Wills 'Cooked' Engine of $1.5M Plane

Royal made rookie error during training, retired officer recalls

(Newser) - Sometimes a royal can screw up royally: Britain’s Prince William made an error that “overcooked” a plane’s engine during his Royal Air Force training, grounding the aircraft for days, the Daily Mail reports. “He flicked the wrong switch on shutdown and overcooked the turbo,” says... More »

Brit Dog Walker Reported Close Encounter of the Alien Kind

1989 tale in recently released in UFO files

(Newser) - Another tale from the UK's recently released military files on UFOs comes from a dog-walker, who reports encountering an extraterrestrial who spoke in a Scandinavian accent. It was classified as a "genuine call" by a Royal Air Force phone operator, reports the Telegraph. The alien, appearing in human form... More »

9 Stories