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In Selling His Lake House, James Woods Accidentally Retires

Real estate agent pens release mentioning actor's 'recent retirement'

(Newser) - Sometimes you have good days and sometimes days in which you go to sell your vacation home and accidentally retire yourself from acting. The latter is the current state of affairs for James Woods, lately involved in a tiff with Amber Tamblyn , who was just trying to sell his lake... More »

This Is an Odd Way to Illustrate Story About Women

Male gender symbol used instead of female gender symbol

(Newser) - The Thursday edition of the Washington Post Express features a cover story on the upcoming Women's March on Washington, so obviously the magazine's cover features a group of people arranged into the...male gender symbol? Whoops. The Washingtonian reports Express followed a tweet of the original cover with... More »

$10M Yacht Capsizes Before First Sail

So much for that maiden voyage

(Newser) - Millions of dollars went into the drink, if not down the drain, Sunday night as a yacht worth at least $10 million capsized as it was being delivered to its owner in Washington state's Puget Sound. As KIRO TV and the Skagit Valley Herald report, some five or six... More »

747 Manages to Get Unstuck, Take Off

After tug manages to turn it around

(Newser) - A big plane got into a bigger snag last night when it mistakenly landed at a tiny Kansas airport, only to find the space too tight to turn around in. The Atlas Air Dreamlifter was scheduled to land at McConnell Air Force Base but instead touched down at Jabara Airport—... More »

Oops: Fla. Gov Accidentally Promotes Phone Sex No.

He meant to give out a meningitis hotline

(Newser) - Here's today's face-palm moment, courtesy of Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who helpfully, unintentionally, and hysterically promoted the phone number for an adult hotline during a meeting of the Florida Cabinet yesterday, reports WSUF . He apparently got his digits mixed up when trying to direct Floridians to the hotline... More »

Rick Perry: God Forgives 'Oops' Moments

Says he's 'praying' for Obama's wisdom

(Newser) - Rick Perry isn't letting one little catastrophic onstage meltdown bother him. At a National Day of Prayer breakfast today, Perry was introduced with a crack about his infamous "oops" moment. "You meant to say 'whoop' as a proud Texas Aggie," the host said, according to... More »

Nike Apologizes to Irish for 'Black and Tan' Shoe

Company red-faced after St. Patrick's Day shoe gaffe

(Newser) - Nike has apologized to any Irish people offended by the nickname for a sneaker released in time for St. Patrick's Day. The "Black and Tan" shoe, released along with the "Guinness" shoe, was named after a mixed-beer drink in the US. But Nike was apparently unaware that... More »

Google Engineer Rips Google+

Service 'a knee-jerk reaction' to Facebook's success, Steve Yegge complains

(Newser) - While using Google+, senior Google engineer Steve Yegge accidentally shared a post heavily criticizing the company's social networking service with the general public instead of just his co-workers, the Huffington Post reports. He described Google+ as an example of the company's "complete failure to understand platforms,"... More »

Man Faces Murder Charge After 'Deathbed' Confession

Stroke victim recovered after admitting shooting

(Newser) - An Oklahoma man's effort to leave the world with a clear conscience has left him facing a murder charge after his premature "deathbed" confession, the Independent reports. The man, believing he he was moments from death after suffering a stroke, called police from the hospital and confessed to killing... More »

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