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Female Pilot Led UAE Airstrikes Against ISIS

Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri, 35, was first woman to join Emirates' air force

(Newser) - If a country's going to send military pilots to fight ISIS, it's going to send its very best. Which is why the United Arab Emirates selected Maj. Mariam Al Mansouri, 35—the first female fighter pilot in the Emirates air force—to lead one of its airstrike missions... More »

Glenn Beck, Greg Gutfeld Talk Gay Bar Names

How about 'Turban Cowboy'?

(Newser) - Greg Gutfeld is sticking by his proposal to open an Islam-friendly gay bar next to the Ground Zero mosque, telling Glenn Beck it "might be the greatest idea I've ever had." But what's a hot club without a catchy name? Gutfeld and Beck review some options: G-Hot, G-Hunk,... More »

Fox Host: I'm Building Gay Bar Next Door to Mosque

Greg Gutfeld: surely understanding and tolerance should cut both ways

(Newser) - Go for it, Greg Gutfeld of the Fox News show Red Eye tells those backing the Ground Zero mosque. You have every right to build a mosque there (or anywhere) if you own the land and follow the law, he writes in his blog, . And I have every... More »

Fox Host Apologizes for Taunting Canadian Forces

Canadians outraged at slight

(Newser) - The host of Fox’s Red Eye apologized yesterday for a segment mocking the Canadian military, CBC reports. On March 17, Greg Gutfeld derided a general’s comment that troops need down time after Afghanistan combat, saying the military wants to “do some yoga, paint landscapes, run on the... More »

4 Stories