Rio Grande

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How the US Shrank One Square Mile

It happened 50 years ago at the Mexican border

(Newser) - It's been half a century since the US shrank by a square mile thanks to a combination of geography and politics. The Rio Grande, between Texas and Mexico, has shifted over the years—and its movements between El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico have changed our borders. In... More »

Rio Grande Is New Hot Spot for Border Crossings

Tops Tucson crossings for first time in two decades

(Newser) - Unauthorized border crossings from Mexico to Tucson are so 2012. In 2013, it's all about Texas' Rio Grande Valley, which has topped Tucson's apprehension figures for the first time in 20 years, the New York Times reports. Since October 2012, 94,305 people have been apprehended crossing in... More »

US Bride, Mexican Groom Wed on Border Raft

Treaty from 1848 makes strange ceremony possible

(Newser) - An American woman married her longtime Mexican beau on a raft in the middle of the Rio Grande river yesterday, in a strange ceremony designed to exploit an obscure treaty loophole. Ruben Alfonso Fierro and Stephanie Guerra have been living together in America for years, and have four American children... More »

Border Fence Strands Some Texans in 'No Man's Land'

Border wall erected up to a mile north of Rio Grande in parts of state

(Newser) - Pamela Taylor and her husband built their home on the banks of the Rio Grande 50 years ago, but when the Department of Homeland Security built a big steel fence here last year, Taylor and seven other homeowners found themselves on the wrong side, wedged between the fence and the... More »

Mexican Drug Cartels Join Forces to Wipe Out Rival

War against Zetas fueling surge in violence along Rio Grande

(Newser) - Three of Mexico's warring drug cartels have agreed to stop shooting each other for as long as it takes to wipe out a fourth, up-and-coming cartel, the BBC reports. Anti-narcotics authorities say that the Sinaloa, La Familia, and Gulf cartels are seeking to exterminate the Zetas, a breakaway group of... More »

Go Ahead and Mess With Texas

Nate Silver does electoral math for 5 Lone Star States

(Newser) - An obscure provision of Texas statehood gives it the right to split into five smaller states, writes Nate Silver of He outlines the potential new entities:
  1. New Texas: Centered on Austin, as populous as Kentucky, and split down the middle politically—city vs. suburbs.
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Mexican Drug Bucks Ensnare Texas County, Sheriff

Border sheriff faces trial for clearing the way for drug traffickers

(Newser) - Starr County on the Texas border is enjoying boom times while the rest of the country is stuck in recession, the Los Angeles Times reports. The county—still one of America's poorest—lies at the center of the cross-border drug trade, and while residents acknowledge that illicit cash has long... More »

Border Patrol Destroys Foliage With Chemicals

Killing plants will cut hiding places for immigrants, smugglers

(Newser) - In an effort to keep smugglers and illegal immigrants from hiding in heavy vegetation as they attempt to cross the Mexican border, the US Border Patrol is looking to Agent Orange for inspiration. One plan for cutting down on possible hiding places on riverbanks is to use an herbicide that... More »

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