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Congresswoman Who Served 16 Terms Dead at 88

New York's 'tough as nails' Louise Slaughter was planning on going for her 17th term

(Newser) - An aide to Rep. Louise Slaughter says the 88-year-old Democratic congresswoman from upstate New York has died. Slaughter was serving her 16th term in Congress and was the top Democrat on the House Rules Committee, per the AP . She was the first woman to chair that committee when she led... More »

House Dems Get Extra Security

Capitol police on case after post-health-vote threats

(Newser) - The rising threats against a number of House Democrats in the wake of Sunday’s health-reform vote has authorities beefing up security for them, Majority Leader Steny Hoyer says. Capitol Police and the FBI are looking at at least 10 representatives, the Huffington Post reports; Reps. Bart Stupak (Mich.),... More »

Death Threats Made to Stupak, Others, Their Kids

Dems: Threatening our families is going too far

(Newser) - As angry opponents of health care reform smash legislators' office windows, make death threats against Bart Stupak and Louise Slaughter, and vow to send snipers to "kill the children of the members who voted yes,” Democrats are protesting that the rage in the health care debate has gotten... More »

Ala. Blogger Hails 'Window War' Against Dem Offices

Glass smashed at least five places across US

(Newser) - Rocks have been flying through the windows of Democratic offices across the US, and one Alabama-based blogger is taking credit for what he calls the “window war” against the big-government supporters of health reform. “I guess that guy’s one of ours,” Mike Vanderboegh told the Rochester ... More »

GOP Savages Pelosi Strategy for Passing Health Reform

Critics say Democrats' tactic is unconstitutional

(Newser) - The GOP ratcheted up the already intense campaign against the Democrats' push to pass health care reform yesterday, targeting an obscure legislative move Nancy Pelosi said she might use to get a version of the Senate bill through the House. Outraged Minority Leader John Boehner called the "deem and... More »

Pelosi: 'That Was Easy'

It's speaker's moment in the sun as House passes health care bill

(Newser) - "This victory belongs to her," said a 10-term rep as Nancy Pelosi doggedly pushed health reform through the House last night. “As far as I know she never sleeps nor eats.” And though the speaker herself joked, "That was easy" last night, Politico notes that... More »

'Wait Until She's Sober': Pentagon Rep on Sex Crimes

(Newser) - A House member is incensed that a Pentagon official, reporting a 25% increase in combat-zone sexual assault against women, said servicemen should “wait until she's sober,” the New York Daily News reports. “This woman is not in the right line of work,” Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-NY,... More »

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