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JCPenney Brings Back Its Dead-Tree Catalog

Customers use it to shop online

(Newser) - JCPenney has found that even in the Internet age, print has its place. Decades after launching its big catalog in 1963, JCPenney stopped sending it in 2009. Now, the company is restoring the catalog, having found that many online shoppers—some 31%, according to analysts—use the book as inspiration,... More »

Maybe Dave Eggers Can Save Newspapers

(Newser) - Dave Eggers, author, editor, and professed lover of print, is hatching a plan to save newspapers. Or at least a modern version of them. Eggers tells the Rumpus that he and his crew at McSweeney's will publish their version of a daily newspaper in September. It will exist for one... More »

Braille Read by Less Than 10% of Blind Americans

(Newser) - Less than 10% of blind Americans know how to read Braille, and just 10% of blind children are being taught the printed language, the AP reports. A study by the National Federation of the Blind also pegs Braille illiteracy to unemployment. While the blind population faces 70% unemployment overall, that... More »

3 Stories