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8 Inches of Rain Swamp NYC

Workers narrowly escape death in flooding basement elevator

(Newser) - Two workers were saved from drowning in an elevator, cars were up to their windows in water, and subway service shut down in New York City yesterday, all because of a rainfall that shattered a 116-year record. An astonishing 7.7 inches of rain pelted the city in a single... More »

Thirsty Southern Calif. Lets Rain Go Down Drain

This year's downpour could have supplied 130K homes

(Newser) - Thirsty Southern California imports water across hundreds of miles, and lately its resources have been tight—yet at the same time, it has a storm drain system to rush away billions of gallons of usable rainwater. Some 130,000 homes could have obtained a year’s supply of water from... More »

Scientists Predict Extreme US Drought by 2030s

Lake Mead drops to record low

(Newser) - The US and much of the western hemisphere are likely to face drought conditions worse than anything seen in modern times over the decades to come, scientists warn. National Center for Atmospheric Research scientists, working with climate models and greenhouse gas predictions, believe that severe drought will affect areas including... More »

Roof Leak at Plant Implicated in Outbreak

Earlier Ga. salmonella scare also thought caused by rainwater

(Newser) - A leaky roof at the Peanut Corporation of America’s Georgia plant is seen as a possible culprit for the recent salmonella outbreak, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. Not only is water necessary to activate salmonella, but rain could have washed salmonella-carrying bird droppings into the plant. “Allowing water to... More »

4 Stories