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'Colombia Fritzl' Fathered 11 Kids With Daughter

Man accused of imprisoning girl, raping her from age 9

(Newser) - A Colombian man has been accused of imprisoning his daughter and raping her from the age of 9 and fathering 11 children with her, the BBC reports. He denies incest and rape charges, insisting his daughter was adopted and that the two “agreed to have a romantic relationship because... More »

Man Shops 'Biden Daughter' Cocaine Video to Newspaper

He claims tape shows Ashley snorting coke

(Newser) - A man claiming to be a friend of Vice President Joe Biden's daughter is offering to sell the media a videotape that allegedly shows her snorting cocaine at a party this month, reports the New York Post. The man approached the Post through a lawyer, initially asking for $2 million.... More »

Brit Firm Offers Bigger Breasts From Stem Cells

Controversial cancer therapy to be used for cosmetic procedures

(Newser) - A new breast enhancement procedure using stem cells from stomach fat to grow larger breasts is being made available for the first time in the UK, reports the Times of London. The procedure has already been used in trials for use on breast cancer survivors. Now a controversial new operation... More »

Pope May Be Right About Condoms in Africa

Study shows that monogamy is the best weapon against AIDS in Africa

(Newser) - Pope Benedict's controversial statements that condoms aren't helping in Africa may be unpopular, but evidence shows that he might be right, a public heath researcher argues in the Washington Post. It's a divisive topic in part because the condom has become such a potent symbol of sexual freedom and female... More »

Hef Party Pad Up for Sale at $28M

Original playboy downsizes as sons head to college

(Newser) - Octogenarian player Hugh Hefner and wife, Kimberly, have put their plush pad next to the Playboy Mansion up for sale for $28 million, reports the Los Angeles Times. The "sister party house" is a 7300-square-foot English Manor-style home. It features a hand-carved staircase, leaded windows, five bedrooms, seven bathrooms,... More »

Prison Crew Helps Toddler Lost on Highway

(Newser) - Inmates in a Maryland road crew helped care for a toddler who wandered down a freeway yesterday when his family forgot about him, the Frederick News-Post reports. A trucking company owner first spotted the 2 1/2-year-old boy running on the center lines of Route 550 as gravel trucks drove by.... More »

Chinese Cyber Spies Hit Dalai Lama, Foreign Offices

Some blame China for attacks on 1,300 computers

(Newser) - A  massive cyber spying effort launched from China has infiltrated the computers of hundreds of government agencies and private offices around the globe, including four connected to the Dalai Lama, the New York Times reports. Asked by the spiritual leader's office to investigate evidence of a breach, Canadian researchers discovered... More »

ShamWow Guy Arrested After Hooker Fight

Pitchman Shlomi allegedly punched call girl repeatedly

(Newser) - He may seem like a nice man with a magical towel, but Vince Shlomi—better known as the ShamWow guy—was arrested last month for punching a prostitute, the Smoking Gun reports. Shlomi, 44, told police he took 26-year-old Sasha Harris back to his hotel room and paid her $1,... More »

Facebook Users to Deluge Pope With Condoms

Thousands protest pontiff's claim that contraceptives don't halt HIV

(Newser) - The pope’s recent remark that condoms not only don’t prevent the spread of HIV but make it worse hasn’t earned him many friends on Facebook, CNN reports. Almost a dozen groups have sprung up in protest of the pontiff’s scientifically inaccurate statement, with thousands of Facebookers—... More »

'Italian Fritzl' and Son Arrested

Father accused of raping daughter, encouraging son to do the same

(Newser) - Italian police have arrested a father and son in an incest case they are comparing to the horrors of the Fritzl household, the Daily Telegraph reports. The patriarch of the Turin family is accused of controlling and raping his daughter for 25 years and encouraging his son to rape both... More »

Remorseful Fritzl: I Want Only the Hardest Punishment

Daughter's testimony convinced him to confess, incest dad says

(Newser) - Josef Fritzl describes intense feelings of remorse in the first interview since his trial, the Telegraph reports. Fritzl, who abruptly switched his plea to guilty in the middle of the proceedings, said his decision was prompted by hearing his daughter describe in court how he imprisoned and habitually raped her:... More »

Top Medical Journal Blasts Pope's Condom Remark

(Newser) - The UK's most prestigious medical journal has joined the condemnation of Pope Benedict’s comments on contraception, the Financial Times reports. “By saying that condoms exacerbate the problem of HIV/AIDS, the Pope has publicly distorted scientific evidence to promote Catholic doctrine on this issue," says an editorial... More »

Rapper TI Sentenced to 10 Months on Gun Charges

Will pay $100K fine, do community service

(Newser) - Rapper TI has been sentenced to 366 days in prison for attempting to buy machine guns from an undercover officer, but his embracing of community service means he'll likely serve less than 10 months. TI, aka Clifford Harris Jr., has been speaking to area youths about the dangers of drugs... More »

Boston High School Awash With Vampire Rumors

(Newser) - Authorities at an elite Boston high school found themselves yesterday in the bizarre position of having to publicly deny that certain students were vampires, the Globe reports. While vampires have been popping up more often in popular culture recently, officials and law enforcement say Boston Latin’s issue is most... More »

Prince William (Sorta) Linked to Sex Club

Plus, Rihanna moves on—two days in a row, and more

(Newser) - Prince William is—very tangentially—linked to a sex club, the Sun reports. A close friend of his longtime girlfriend Kate Middleton runs the top-secret swinger sessions. Elsewhere:
  • Watchmen star Jeffrey Dean Morgan has just learned he has a 4-year-old son with an ex, Us notes.
  • Rihanna continued her trend
... More »

Chicago Mob Snitch Gets 12 Years for 14 Murders

Victims outraged

(Newser) - Former Chicago mob hit man Nicholas Calabrese was sentenced to 12 years in prison yesterday, enraging family members of victims who wanted him jailed for life, the Tribune reports. Calabrese admitted to whacking 14 people, but his testimony in the so-called “Family Secrets” trial put away three top mob... More »

Mayer: Twitter's Like Sending Poop Photos

Guitarist plans to wear woman's garment on fan cruise

(Newser) - John Mayer may be a hardcore tweeter, but says Twitter is “inherently silly and it’s inherently dumb,” E! Online reports. “It’s one step away from sending pictures of your poop,” the singer/songwriter said. Why then, Mark Malkin asks, does he tweet? “I’ve... More »

More Hitler Paintings Go Up for Sale

British auction house has 13 thought to be painted by him

(Newser) - A British auction house will sell 13 paintings next month attributed to a minor Austrian-born amateur artist: Adolf Hitler. The works, which include a supposed self-portrait signed "AH," were found by a soldier in 1945, Reuters reports, though lingering doubts remain about authenticity. Two years ago, 21 Hitler... More »

Sloppy DNA Work Creates Myth of Phantom Serial Killer

Female 'suspect' now believed to have been employee at DNA swab factory

(Newser) - Embarrassed German cops may soon call off their hunt for a notorious female serial killer, the Times of London reports. DNA from a suspect dubbed "the woman without a face” has been found at dozens of crime scenes across Europe, including stranglings and shootings, but detectives now believe the... More »

Madge Chooses Adoption Over Jesus

Singer confirms split on Twitter

(Newser) - Apparently the Material Girl would rather have another child than a young lover. Madonna confirmed her split with Jesus Luz on Twitter, the Daily Mail reports, saying she is “glad” to be single. Some are speculating Madonna dumped the 22-year-old after Malawian officials raised their eyebrows. The singer’s... More »

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