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When Jewish Cemetery Got Vandalized, Muslims Came to the Rescue

Muslim-American activists raise more than $90K to combat anti-Semitism

(Newser) - Tarek El-Messidi tells a story about the prophet Muhammad standing in observance of a Jewish funeral procession because, as he said, "Is it not a human soul?" To show that kind of respect to their "Jewish cousins" is one of the reasons El-Messidi and fellow Muslim-American activist Linda... More »

Muslim-American Fencer Makes History With Medal

Ibtihaj Muhammad is first US Olympian compete in hijab

(Newser) - US fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad came to the Rio Olympics determined to show the world that sports is a place where Muslim-American women can excel. Muhammad will return to New Jersey with proof that she was right. The AP reports Muhammad, who became the first US Olympian to wear a hijab... More »

US Home to 74% More Mosques Since 2000

New census also finds mosque leaders feel comfortable in US

(Newser) - Even as protests against new mosques got quite a bit of attention, their numbers in the US grew from 1,209 in 2000 to 2,106 in 2010, USA Today reports. And most of the leaders of those Islamic places of worship believe America is not hostile to Islam, according... More »

FBI Training Materials: Muslims Are Dangerous

Training materials are playing into terrorists' hands, say former agents

(Newser) - A shocking Wired exposé reveals that FBI counterterrorism agents are taught that "mainstream" American Muslims are likely to sympathize with terrorists, and that more "devout" Muslims are more likely to be "violent." The magazine acquired FBI training materials, some from as recently as March, which also... More »

Worker Sues Disney Over Headscarf Ban

Worker told she can't wear headscarf in front of customers

(Newser) - Hats—and presumably mouse ears—are fine, but Disneyland workers aren't allowed to wear religious head coverings. A Muslim woman who works as a hostess in a Disney-owned restaurant has filed a discrimination lawsuit after she was barred from wearing a headscarf at work four times this week because bosses... More »

Loose FBI Rules Raise Privacy Fears

People are unfairly targeted, complain Muslim groups

(Newser) - The FBI has been given far too much leeway to gather information on individuals and groups, charge Muslim and civil liberties organizations. Guidelines in a newly disclosed FBI manual allow the bureau to probe people or organizations without any factual evidence against them. Agents are given broad powers to proactively... More »

US Muslims Lobby Obama for Posts

Job-seekers hope inclusive prez will welcome their expertise

(Newser) - Hoping for an era of warm relations with the White House, more than 300 Muslim-Americans have submitted resumes for government jobs, the Los Angeles Times reports. Vetted by community leaders, the list includes Ivy League graduates, civil servants, and Fortune 500 execs. It was created "under the radar,"... More »

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