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World Risks Repeat of '30s Double Dip

Spending cuts could send economy plummeting again

(Newser) - The world's top economies are all talking about tightening their belts, and in so doing risk repeating the mistakes of the 1930s, writes David Leonhardt of the New York Times . When President Roosevelt tried balancing the budget in 1936, it plunged the recovering country back into depression. But austerity enthusiasts... More »

G-20 Pledges to Keep Stimulus Flowing

(Newser) - Top finance officials from rich and developing countries today pledged to maintain stimulus measures to boost the global economy, warning that the fledging recovery that provided the backdrop to their meeting is by no means assured. Group of 20 finance ministers also promised a crackdown on bankers' pay—but stopped... More »

Volkswagen Challenges Toyota's No. 1 Ranking

Global sales surge on Germany, China stimulus, Toyota lags

(Newser) - Volkswagen may have beaten Toyota in global sales in the first quarter, Reuters reports. Although VW sales declined overall, the company's market share increased to 11% with 1.39 million vehicles sold. Toyota has not released sales figures, but it estimated its first-quarter sales at 1.23 million. Volkswagen had... More »

G20 Unveils $1T Plan to Boost Global Economy

(Newser) - The G20 leaders have agreed to a plan to pump $1 trillion into the world economy, British PM Gordon Brown announced today; the agreement will also tighten global financial regulation and crack down on secret tax havens. The plan calls for:
  • The money available to the International Monetary Fund to
... More »

G20 Leaders Close to Deal

French, German demands for regulation are final sticking point

(Newser) - G20 leaders have nearly completed an agreement to confront the global financial crisis, reports the Times of London. Gordon Brown opened the summit by saying that the draft communique already prepared reflected "a high degree of consensus between us." The British PM said that the leaders needed to... More »

Merkel Emerges as Obama's Main Rival

German chancellor emphasizes friendship, but opposes stimulus

(Newser) - Angela Merkel stresses that she is a friend of the United States and wants Washington to play "a strong role in the world"—but ahead of the G20 summit this week, the German chancellor has emerged as the strongest and most unwavering opponent of Barack Obama's call for... More »

Obama: G20 Will Prepare World for Recovery

Upbeat prez dismisses rift with Europe over need for stimulus

(Newser) - Barack Obama voiced optimism for a global deal at this week's G20 summit in London and downplayed talk of a split between the US and Europe, in his first interview with a foreign publication, the Financial Times. Saying that "we need stimulus and we need regulation," the president... More »

7 Stories