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Pistachio Co.: Kraft Knew About Salmonella Last Year

(Newser) - Kraft Foods detected salmonella in a California nut company's product over 6 months ago but didn't notify the firm until last week, a rep for the parent company said today. Roasted nuts from Setton Pistachio of Terra Bella, Inc., the company at the heart of the nationwide pistachio recall, failed... More »

Pistachio Recall Continues to Expand

(Newser) - Fears of salmonella contamination have led more companies in the US and Canada to recall their pistachio products, Reuters reports. FritoLay, which is supplied by the supposed source of the contamination, California packager Setton International, is pulling packages of certain sizes and sell-by dates on both sides of the border.... More »

Raw Pistachios Likely Cause of Salmonella Scare: Firm

(Newser) - The company responsible for the current pistachio salmonella scare says its product was likely contaminated by raw nuts, not humans or animals, the AP reports. Setton International Foods says roasted pistachios shipped to Kraft could have come in contact with raw nuts at its California plant. The raw pistachios can... More »

3 Stories