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Shakespeare Didn't Work Alone, Says Computer

Program developed to spot plagiarism shows Bard wrote Edward III With Kyd

(Newser) - The computer program is called “Pl@giarism,” but no one is suggesting the Bard cribbed from others—not yet, at least. Researchers used the software, developed to spot cheating scholars, to take a look at The Reign of King Edward III, an unattributed 1596 play that has recently been... More »

UK Shakespeare Troupe Seeks Canine Thespians

(Newser) - Dog-owners in the UK city of Bath can audition their pooches tomorrow for a spot in a Shakespeare play, the Telegraph reports. The role in The Taming of the Shrew is historically accurate, the director said: “In Shakespeare’s time … they had a troupe of dogs specially trained... More »

2 Stories