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It's a Good Day to Be a Snap Co-Founder

Snap shares jumps 48% in IPO debut

(Newser) - Shares of Snap Inc. opened for trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday at $24 per share, up from the IPO price of $17 per share—and kept climbing, per MarketWatch . As of this writing, prices have risen 48% to over $25 per share. Snap co-founders Evan Spiegel,... More »

Snap's Much-Awaited IPO Looms, CEO 'Elusive'

Snap founder Evan Spiegel as secretive as ever right before much-hyped price set

(Newser) - Those who remember the hype when Alibaba priced its initial public offering of stock in 2014 will get to relive that excitement Wednesday when Snap does the same. Reuters reports the owner of the Snapchat messaging app will serve up a number at the end of the trading day, with... More »

Secret Snapchat Filing Suggests Major IPO on Its Way

Initial public offering could be valued at between $20B and $25B—maybe more

(Newser) - Two years ago, Alibaba stunned the tech world, and the stock market in general, with the biggest initial public offering ever valued at $168 billion . Now Snapchat—technically Snap Inc. , as of September—looks to want in on the mega-IPO game: Sources tell Reuters the company has confidentially filed for... More »

Tech CEO Dorsey Makes $277M on His Birthday

Square was trading stronger than expected in its IPO

(Newser) - It's a pretty good birthday for Jack Dorsey, who doubles as CEO of both Twitter and Square. The latter company—which deals in mobile payments—began trading publicly for the first time Thursday, and shares were trading nearly $4 above the $9 IPO price. Dorsey, who turned 39 Thursday,... More »

Billionaire Was Happiest When He Made $12 a Month

Richest man in China wishes company never went public

(Newser) - Chinese billionaire Jack Ma told guests at a New York luncheon yesterday that he was happier when he made $12 a month—no, really. Ma's e-commerce company, the Alibaba Group, went public in September for a whopping $25 billion, the highest initial public offering in history. The founder and... More »

Has Etsy Lost Its Indie Appeal?

Critics accuse sellers of mass-producing goods, diluting craft site's authenticity

(Newser) - When customers order an heirloom pet teepee , Charles Manson necklace , or vinyl Gorillaz wall clock from Etsy, they expect it to be lovingly handmade or authentically vintage, perhaps even customized and made from ecologically sound materials. But critics of the site are claiming that sellers are increasingly taking to mass... More »

Next for Bigfoot Hunter: IPO

Profits could be elusive or nonexistent, analysts warn

(Newser) - If you trust the business sense of a guy who thought a rubber gorilla suit was a Bigfoot carcass, the Wall Street Journal may have uncovered an exciting investment opportunity for you. Tom Biscardi, the self-proclaimed "leading expert" on Bigfoot, has founded a firm called Bigfoot Project Investments and... More »

Etsy Readies IPO, Aims for $300M

Crafts site could go public this quarter: Bloomberg

(Newser) - A company launched because there was nowhere else to sell wooden computers is now preparing an initial public offering. Etsy's IPO could take place this quarter, insiders tell Bloomberg , and the craft-selling website is looking to raise $300 million in the effort. It could be the largest New York... More »

Investors Love Alibaba: It Passes Facebook's Market Value

It opens 35% higher than IPO price

(Newser) - Alibaba's long-awaited debut on the New York Stock Exchange hasn't disappointed. The Chinese e-commerce behemoth opened at $92.70 per share, about 35% above its IPO price of $68, reports USA Today . The frenzied demand pushed the company's market value to $228.5 billion, ahead of even... More »

Twitter Explodes in IPO

Stock flirts with $50 price tag in early trading

(Newser) - If you were worried that Twitter's stock market debut would be like Facebook's, worry no longer. Twitter exploded out of the gate this morning, at times trading as much as 74% higher than its IPO price, the AP reports. As of 11:05am, the stock was just a... More »

It's Twitter IPO Day

Shares priced at $26, will start trading at 9:30am

(Newser) - At 9:30am today, Twitter starts trading on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol: TWTR). The microblogging company priced shares at $26, which was higher than the expected $23 to $25 range and values the company at $18.34 billion—more than Macy's and Bed Bath & Beyond,... More »

Gung-Ho Investors Snap Up Tweeter, Not Twitter, Stock

And, oh, did we mention Tweeter is bankrupt?

(Newser) - Who doesn’t want to make a quick buck? With the announcement Thursday that Twitter was going public, some investors didn’t do their research. Twitter disclosed its initial public offering would come under the ticker "TWTR." Tweeter Home Entertainment Group’s long-defunct ticker is "TWTRQ,"... More »

Mysterious Twitter Investor to Make Big Bucks on IPO

Suhail Rizvi's equity firm amassed 15% stake, says Reuters

(Newser) - As Twitter prepares to go public , there's plenty of people waiting in the wings to cash in; yesterday's filings reveal investment firms, board members, and execs will have the highest payouts, but one mysterious Hollywood financier also will add a good chunk of change to his bank account.... More »

Chrysler Files for IPO

Valued at up to $100M

(Newser) - The Chrysler Group has filed paperwork for an initial public offering for some of its shares—the first time the company's shares will be publicly traded since 1998, the AP reports. The move comes at the behest of a United Auto Workers retirement trust, which owns 41.5% of... More »

Twitter Going Public, Files for IPO

But financial details will be under wraps for a while

(Newser) - Twitter is indeed going public, which it announced today via tweet , of course. "We've confidentially submitted an S-1 to the SEC for a planned IPO," it reads in part. The Wall Street Journal pegs the value of the company at about $10 billion, but those looking for... More »

IPO Rumors Chirp for Twitter

Recent moves have analysts looking to public offering in 2014

(Newser) - Twitter could finally be going public. Well, in 2014, according to a new report by IPO-watchers Greencrest Capital. With an estimated valuation of more than $11 billion and a recent spate of high profile management hires and reshuffles, "you can begin to see Twitter’s potential flightpath," writes... More »

SeaWorld Plans 2013 IPO

Waterpark franchise profitable, but faces $1.83B debt

(Newser) - It could be a whale of a deal. SeaWorld Entertainment has filed the paperwork to go public, three years after being bought for $2.3 billion by Blackstone Group, reports the Wall Street Journal . Media reports vary on what the move is expected to raise, with the Journal citing figures... More »

After Facebook Debacle, SEC May Pull IPO Gag

Committee tells Darrell Issa he raised valid points

(Newser) - The SEC is considering eliminating the rule forbidding company executives from hyping their stock before they go public, after a string of disastrous high-profile IPOs like Facebook's. SEC chair Mary Schapiro sent a letter to Darrell Issa letting him know that her team was reviewing the so-called "quiet... More »

Key Groupon Investors Ditch the Troubled Stock

Critics say big pre-IPO investments overvalued the company

(Newser) - With Groupon having lost three-quarters of its IPO value, several of its key early investors, including web icon Marc Andreessen, have left the building, reports the Wall Street Journal . Andreessen's firm, Andreessen Horowitz, invested $40 million of the $950 million pumped into Groupon in the months before it went... More »

Facebook IPO Proves Need for Overhaul: Lawmakers

Darrell Issa raises concerns for small investors

(Newser) - Lawmakers led by Rep. Darrell Issa have penned a letter to the SEC urging an overhaul of the IPO system, saying Facebook's shaky public offering underlines the raw deal handed to small investors, the Wall Street Journal reports. The Republican House Oversight chair wrote that investment banks "dictate... More »

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