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Drugs No Longer Mexico Cartel's Top Earner

Knights Templar now a mining, logging, extortion cartel

(Newser) - Mexico's Knights Templar cartel has diversified so much that instead of being a drug cartel, the organization that started out smuggling crystal meth is now more of an extortion, logging, and mining cartel with a profitable sideline in drugs, the AP finds. In the cartel's home state of... More »

Search for 2 Mexico Cops Turns Up 42 Bodies

Officers admit handing victims over to drug cartel

(Newser) - A search for two missing federal detectives in western Mexico has turned up 42 bodies and counting—but still no trace of the missing men. Many of the bodies found in almost two dozen mass graves over the last few weeks were bound and gagged and some showed signs of... More »

11 Bodies Dumped on Mexican Highway

Knights Templar drug cartel takes credit for slayings

(Newser) - Eleven bodies dumped in three locations along the highway in Guerrero, Mexico, appear to have been killed in drug-related violence, reports Reuters . The dead appeared to have been tortured, and messages were found with the bodies signed by the Knights Templar drug cartel, said authorities. The Knights Templar, based just... More »

Mexican Cartel Torches PepsiCo Warehouses

Arsonists target Sabritas potato chip operations

(Newser) - In a first major attack on an American firm, members of a Mexican drug cartel have torched five warehouses owned by a PepsiCo subsidiary. Masked men were witnessed hurling firebombs that incinerated the Sabritas potato chip warehouses and dozens of delivery trucks parked outside in the states of Michoacan and... More »

Anders Breivik Thinks He's Being Mocked

Mass murderer insists prosecutors trying to 'detract credibility from me'

(Newser) - Pity poor Anders Breivik; the confessed Norway mass-murderer thinks prosecutors are making fun of him. Prosecutors questioned Breivik for a second day today, asking about sections of his 1,500-page manifesto that describe his "Knights Templar" terrorist group, and boast that he was selected over "several hundred" applicants.... More »

15 Bodies Dumped at Mexico Gas Station

Cartels at war again in Michoacan

(Newser) - The drug war appears to be heating up again in Mexican President Felipe Calderon's home state. Some 15 semi-naked bodies were found in a pile outside a gas station in Zitacuaro, Michoacan state, the BBC reports. All of the victims were male and three were minors. Police say threatening... More »

Knights Templar Model for New Violence: Breivik

Knights inspired new bloodbath

(Newser) - The famed crusading Knights Templar may historically have been the victims of kings and the Vatican, but they're now being held up as inspiration in present-day "crusades" against Muslims, according to Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik. He claims members of a secretive "Knights Templar" organization in... More »

'Robin Hood Was a Loan Shark'

He quivered over interest rates

(Newser) - He robbed from the rich, but Robin Hood didn't just give it away to the poor—he loaned them money at stiff interest rates like some kind of medieval loan shark, claims a new book. One of the earliest historical references to the outlaw of Sherwood Forest, a ballad from... More »

Knights Templar Hid Shroud of Turin: Vatican

(Newser) - The Knights Templar secretly cared for the Shroud of Turin after the Crusades for more than 100 years, the Vatican announced today, apparently clearing up the mystery of the shroud's lost years. The medieval order venerated the cloth, protecting it from heretical groups and initiating members by asking them to... More »

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