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Get 'More Accurate' Real-Time Early Voting Results Here

Updating models show Clinton with lead in 7 swing states

(Newser) - Let's be honest, you weren't going to get any work done today anyway. So why not spend the rest of Election Day feverishly updating Slate's VoteCastr . VoteCastr is tracking early voting in seven swing states in a way Slate claims is both new and "far more... More »

Stop Using '-Splain' as a Suffix

It's a 'lazy joke,' Katy Waldman writes for Slate

(Newser) - "Mansplain"—the act of a man explaining something to someone, typically a woman, "in a manner regarded as condescending or patronizing"—has been a part of our vernacular for a few years now. But writing for Slate , Katy Waldman says "-splain" itself has since become... More »

Stop Telling Women Not to Drink; Tell Men Not to Rape

Emily Yoffe column slammed as victim blaming

(Newser) - Slate columnist Emily Yoffe is taking a lot of heat for yesterday's column imploring women not to get wasted, lest they "end up being raped," with other writers pointing out that it smacks of victim blaming. (You can read our summary of the original here .) Here'... More »

Time to Banish CAPS LOCK

Our keyboards need that tweak and a few others

(Newser) - The computer keyboard may be an essential tool of daily life, but everybody is driven nuts by at least one aspect of it, writes Matthew J.X. Malady at Slate . He offers some suggested tweaks: More »

Journos Outraged as Slate Axes Jack Shafer

Co-founder is one of 4 staffers let go

(Newser) - Slate co-founder Jack Shafer, who has been with the online magazine since before its official launch in 1996, is being laid off, it was announced yesterday. The media critic is one of four staff members being let go; Timothy Noah , June Thomas , and Juliet Lapidos are the others, reports the... More »

Spitzer Hit With $90M Libel Suit

Slate column enrages former insurance execs

(Newser) - Two former execs at an insurance firm that paid out $850 million to settle allegations of shady dealing brought by Eliot Spitzer in his days as a crusading attorney general are now suing the former governor for libel. The former Marsh & McLennan execs, who claim Spitzer libeled them in... More »

Spitzer Executes a Textbook Comeback

He's made all the right moves—with an assist from the financial crisis

(Newser) - Six months ago—to say nothing of a year—predicting an Eliot Spitzer comeback would’ve been laughable. But the financial crisis has speeded up rehab for the disgraced former governor, giving him a chance to use his expertise as “the Sheriff of Wall Street,” writes Politico. Apologizing... More »

Spitzer: 'What I Did Was Egregious'

Former guv has tried to address his 'gremlins'

(Newser) - Former New York governor Eliot Spitzer opened up about his “egregious” call-girl dalliance and subsequent resignation on NBC's Today this morning. Spitzer, who also discussed his re-emergence as a Slate columnist, claimed that he didn’t hire prostitutes frequently—“not long in the grand context of my life”... More »

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