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Scientist: Angels Can't Fly

Don't even bother asking about fairies

(Newser) - A British scientist has become a real Debbie Downer for angel fans with his pronouncement that the heavenly creatures as depicted in art would never get off the ground. Flight is simply not in the stars, given their human bodies and bird-like wings. “Even a cursory examination of the... More »

Transformers Will Soon Rule World Box Office

(Newser) - The Transformers juggernaut rolls on. The Revenge of the Fallen sequel is about to become the biggest grossing film of 2009 worldwide, reports Variety. After only 2 weeks, it's grossed $448 million around the globe, just shy of the $469 million haul by Angels & Demons, which opened in... More »

What Happened to Kinder, Gentler Tom Hanks?

In search of the actor's earlier persona

(Newser) - Where has Tom Hanks gone? Sure, he's still around on the big screen, currently breaking the bank with Angels & Demons, but what happened to the Tom Hanks that is "our Jimmy Stewart, a heartland guy, good people," wonders Betsey Sharkey in the Los Angeles Times. The "... More »

Stiller's Museum Beats Terminator

(Newser) - Even the Terminator couldn’t beat Ben Stiller's Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian, which banked $53.5 million this weekend, Reuters reports. Terminator Salvation finished second with $43.0 million—but did haul in a $56.4 million 4-day total after opening Thursday. Star Trek ($22 million),... More »

Angels & Demons Blessed With $48M Win

(Newser) - Angels & Demons ascended to the box office heavens this weekend with a $48 million debut, Entertainment Weekly reports. That’s well behind The Da Vince Code’s $77.1 million opening in 2006, due in part to Star Trek’s strong second-weekend haul of $43 million. Wolverine came in... More »

Angels & Demons Has Wings

Da Vinci Code follow-up barrels its way through Dan Brown's brand of hokum

(Newser) - Da Vinci Code sequel Angels & Demons is a fast-paced improvement on its sluggish predecessor, say critics, although filmgoers without a high tolerance for hooey are advised to steer clear.
  • Carrie Rickey, Philadelphia Inquirer: The "ticking-bomb thriller tightly wrapped in a papal plot and cinched with the ribbons of
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May Films Face Galaxy of Boycotts

List of new releases that face criticism

(Newser) - Movie fans are fuming for one reason or another about most of the blockbusters out this month, the New York Times reports—and studios find it difficult to discern potent protests from the all-too-common casual boycott. A look at which films, and why:
  • Terminator Salvation upset fans because of its
... More »

Catholics 'Will Enjoy' Da Vinci Prequel: Howard

Director defends Angels & Demons from 'smear campaign'

(Newser) - Ron Howard wants to make something clear: He is not anti-Catholic, and neither is his upcoming film, Angels & Demons. The beleaguered prequel to the similarly controversial Da Vinci Code is under fire from the Catholic League, and Howard responds to the latest “silly and mean-spirited work of propaganda”... More »

He's a Star, Other Summer Movie Lessons

(Newser) - With this summer’s movie crop about to bear fruit, New York tells us what lessons we’ll be able to glean. Highlights:
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a star: So charming in the romantic comedy 500 Days of Summer, audiences will “completely forgive his role in GI Joe: The Rise
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