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Ukraine Accuses Police 'Black Unit' of Mass Murder

12 members of Berkut riot police detained

(Newser) - Ukraine has arrested 12 riot police on suspicion that they gunned down peaceful protesters in Kiev during the demonstrations that led to the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovich. More than 100 people were killed in the protests, and the since-disbanded Berkut police force has long been considered responsible. The 12... More »

Riot Cops Break Up Ukraine Protest Camps

But they're leaving Independence Square intact: officials

(Newser) - Ukraine protesters had been told they had to abandon their Kiev camps by tomorrow—but cops began taking them apart today, the BBC reports. Wearing full riot gear, police surrounded some camps in front of government buildings, the AP notes. They began driving away protesters at a pair of sites,... More »

Police Clear Turkish Protesters With Water Cannons, Tear Gas

Riot cops clear Taksim Square after warning from PM

(Newser) - Riot police fired water cannons and tear gas as they drove protesters out of Istanbul's Taksim Square and neighboring Gezi Park today, an intervention that came shortly after the prime minister warned that security forces "know how to clear" the area. Within a half-hour, the police had emptied... More »

Greek Cops Accused of Abusing Protesters

Riot police used woman as human shield, witnesses say

(Newser) - Greek authorities are probing allegations that police officers—some with links to the far-right Golden Dawn party—have been abusing protesters, the Guardian reports. During the protests that greeted Angela Merkel earlier this week, witnesses reported seeing a handcuffed young woman being used as a "human shield" by riot... More »

As Kentucky Celebrates, Riot Police Move in

Police use only small amounts of pepper spray, arrest 10

(Newser) - Thousands of Kentucky basketball fans responded to the team's Final Four win last night by overturning cars and lighting couches on fire, reports the AP . Police had been prepared for rioting, and responded with about 150 officers and small amounts of pepper spray. "It's a fairly difficult... More »

How Cops Feel About Occupy

Their grievances are work-related, not political

(Newser) - “Who are you protecting?” It’s a question Occupy protesters have become fond of shouting at the cops policing them, and it’s a fair one, writes former cop and assistant police science professor Peter Moskos in Slate . The answer: “Police are supposed to protect everything and everybody—... More »

Berkeley Cops Clash With Student Occupiers

Video shows them lashing out at crowd with batons

(Newser) - Things got ugly at UC Berkeley yesterday, when students tried to set up an Occupy encampment on campus against university orders. No sooner had students set up their tents than dozens of cops in riot gear descended on them, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. When students linked arms around the... More »

Oakland Cops Fire Tear Gas at Occupiers

...who throw bottles, paint back at police

(Newser) - Hundreds of people protesting the eviction of the Occupy Oakland camp clashed with police last night. Police fired tear gas at least five times into a crowd attempting to retake the camp outside Oakland City Hall, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The protesters regrouped after each tear-gassing, with some throwing... More »

Charlotte Training Cops for Riot Duty Ahead of DNC

Federal government to pick up tab for training, equipment

(Newser) - Apparently, Charlotte is expecting trouble when the Democratic National Convention comes to town—or at least preparing for the possibility. Charlotte’s police department is already stocking up on riot gear and training officers in riot-control techniques in preparation for the event, WSOC TV reports. Though the city already has... More »

French Riot Cops Battle Lunchtime Booze Ban

Police threaten to strike if they can't have beer, wine with meals

(Newser) - French riot police are threatening to go on strike unless authorities restore their right to drink on the job. The force used to be allowed to have beer or wine with lunch—alcoholic beverages were even included in packed lunches. But authorities banned drinking on duty after photos appeared of... More »

French Cops Force Open Blockaded Fuel Depot

Workers have been camped at site for 10 days

(Newser) - French riot police forced open a strategic fuel refinery today that had been a bastion of resistance to President Sarkozy's bid to raise the retirement age to 62, pushing striking workers aside with shields in a bid to end gasoline shortages. The operation came as the French Senate prepared to... More »

G20 Cop Attack Sparks Demand for Investigation

Officials seek probe in death of man knocked down by riot police

(Newser) - British officials are calling for a criminal investigation into a police attack on a man who died during the G20 protests in London last week, the Daily Telegraph reports. Video of the incident, shot by a New Yorker in town on business, shows a "sickening and unprovoked attack" by... More »

G20 Cops Caught on Tape Shoving Protester Who Died

(Newser) - Ian Tomlinson, who died during last week’s G20 protests in London, was clubbed and pushed to the ground by police minutes before he suffered a fatal heart attack, the Guardian reports. The paper has obtained video, which shows Tomlinson walking away from riot cops with dogs before he was... More »

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