Harold Koh

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US to WikiLeaks: New Leak Risks 'Countless' Lives

State Dept. urges Assange to hold diplomatic cables

(Newser) - The Obama administration is urging WikiLeaks not to follow through on the expected release of secret diplomatic cables, saying the move would threaten “the lives of countless innocent individuals,” damage counterterrorism work, and rattle relations with US allies, the AP reports. A State Department lawyer calls the release... More »

Obama Hates America: Santorum

Ex-senator blasts president for State Dept. nomination

(Newser) - President Obama doesn’t respect American values—he made that clear when he apologized for the “arrogance” of the Bush years in France last week, former US senator Rick Santorum writes for the Philadelphia Inquirer. But the president has outdone himself by nominating Harold Koh to be the top... More »

2 Stories