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Hero Guide Dog Throws Self at Bus to Save Owner

Witness: Bigo tried to shield Audrey Stone from vehicle by taking impact himself

(Newser) - Here's hoping Bigo gets a well-deserved treat this week. The service dog was crossing the street with his owner, Audrey Stone, yesterday in Brewster, NY, when a mini school bus came toward Stone, who's legally blind, reports the Journal News . Bigo literally leapt into action, flinging himself toward... More »

Fliers Rebel After Blind Man, Dog Booted Off Flight

All passengers walk off US Airways flight

(Newser) - An amazing show of solidarity on a US Airways Express flight Wednesday night: After a flight attendant made a blind man and his guide dog exit the plane, all the other passengers exited with them in protest. The flight attendant was upset because the guide dog, Doxy, wouldn't stay... More »

Blind Dog Gets Guide Dog

Canine friend walks golden retriever on leash

(Newser) - Tanner was a golden retriever who suffered from blindness and seizures; Blair was a homeless pup who had been shot. Now, the two are best buddies—and they're helping each other cope, the New York Daily News reports. The two were playing together at an Oklahoma animal hospital when... More »

Dogs Trained to Heal Iraq Vets' Mental Scars

'Psychiatric service' pooches respond to PTSD sufferers' needs

(Newser) - The golden retriever nuzzles his master as though he wants a treat, trots into the kitchen, and waits patiently. His master walks over and, under the pet’s watchful gaze, takes a series of pills. The dog wags his tail with approval. He is a psychiatric-service dog, part of a... More »

Muslim Woman Leans on Guide Horse

(Newser) - Muslims consider canines unclean, which was a problem for a blind Muslim woman who wanted a guide dog. So she got a guide horse. Mona Ramouni of suburban Detroit is getting used to 3-year-old miniature horse Cali—“this is a really awesome little horse,” she told the AP—... More »

5 Stories