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School Board: Students Can Use Miniature Horses as Service Animals

New policy put in place in Baltimore

(Newser) - Students at Baltimore public schools may soon see miniature horses roaming their campuses. The Baltimore City Public Schools' board of commissioners put in place new guidelines Tuesday approving miniature horses and a slightly more conventional choice, dogs, as service animals at district schools and facilities, the Baltimore Sun reports. Miniature... More »

Mini Horse Gets Fake Leg

Texas sanctuary gets rescued horse galloping

(Newser) - A miniature horse has a new leg and a new lease on life thanks to a Texas horse rescue group and a company that usually makes prosthetic limbs for people. Midnite, who was born missing a portion of his rear right leg, arrived at Ranch Hand Rescue after law enforcement... More »

6-Pound Horse Bids for World Record

Newborn Einstein stands just 14 inches tall

(Newser) - A miniature horse born Friday in New Hampshire may be the smallest ever, his proud owners say. Einstein stands 14 inches tall and weighs just 6 pounds—on the small side even for a human baby—and his owners plan to approach Guinness. "Thumbellina, who holds the current Guinness... More »

Muslim Woman Leans on Guide Horse

(Newser) - Muslims consider canines unclean, which was a problem for a blind Muslim woman who wanted a guide dog. So she got a guide horse. Mona Ramouni of suburban Detroit is getting used to 3-year-old miniature horse Cali—“this is a really awesome little horse,” she told the AP—... More »

4 Stories