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Walrus 'Hug' Kills 2 at Wildlife Park

Tourist fell from open walkway: reports

(Newser) - A tourist and trainer have died after a walrus "hug" at a wildlife park in China. A male tourist from northern China was reportedly taking videos of a walrus from a narrow walkway at Xixiajou Wildlife Park in Shandong Province when he accidentally fell in the walrus pool. A... More »

Lion Attacks Trainer in Vegas

Handler hospitalized after mauling at MGM Grand hotel

(Newser) - A lion lunged at a trainer at the MGM Grand hotel and casino in Las Vegas in an attack captured on video by shocked tourists. Another trainer helped get the male lion off the man, who was rushed to a local hospital, where he received several stitches. MGM officials insist... More »

Celebs Split on Killer-Whale Killing

Khloe Kardashian has whale-phobia; Dane Cook thinks flu is scarier

(Newser) - Celebs are split on which is more outrageous: that the whale that killed a SeaWorld trainer this week is still alive, or that the whale was a captured and trained to perform in the first place. Reactions from Hollywood, as rounded up by E! :
  • Nick Cannon: “People need to
... More »

Whale in Deadly Attack Has Violent History

40-year-old trainer was fatally injured in front of spectators

(Newser) - The SeaWorld employee killed today by a 12,000-pound whale in front of spectators has been identified as 40-year-old Dawn Brancheau, a trainer with years of experience. About two dozen spectators at the Dine With Shamu show watched in horror as Tilikum, a male killer whale, pulled Brancheau into the... More »

Muslim Woman Leans on Guide Horse

(Newser) - Muslims consider canines unclean, which was a problem for a blind Muslim woman who wanted a guide dog. So she got a guide horse. Mona Ramouni of suburban Detroit is getting used to 3-year-old miniature horse Cali—“this is a really awesome little horse,” she told the AP—... More »

5 Stories