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Calif. Candidate Floats 'Pedophile Island' Plan

To be run by pedophile cops, judges, firefighters

(Newser) - A fringe candidate for California governor wading into deep waters is pitching a plan to ship pedophiles to an an island unless they either promise to leave California forever or spend the rest of their lives in prison. Under the plan, they'd be shipped to Santa Rosa Island, part of... More »

Gay-Marriage Ruling Belies Iowa's 'Bumpkin' Image

(Newser) - No doubt you snobby big-city, coastal types did a double-take last week when Iowa legalized same-sex marriage, but the state has a long tradition of avant-garde social positions, Rex Huppke writes in the Chicago Tribune. Its university was the first to admit women, it allowed mixed-race marriages 100 years before... More »

2 Stories