Le Whif

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Gizmo Lets Caffeine Freaks Inhale Their Coffee

Inhalable 3-course meal is next, say Harvard inventors

(Newser) - A Harvard biomedical engineering professor and his students have come up with the perfect solution for coffee lovers short on time—or cups. His company, Le Whif, has created a range of inhalable coffees, delivered via lipstick-sized tubes. The inventors say each tube holds as much caffeine as a shot... More »

Inhaler Gives Chocolate Taste, With No Calories

(Newser) - A Harvard prof has created a device that allows people to guiltlessly inhale chocolate, the Telegraph reports. Called Le Whif, the inhaler delivers the taste of chocolate without any calories. “Eating was tending toward breathing,” David Edwards said, “so, with a mix of culinary art and aerosol... More »

2 Stories