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10-Minute In-Person Chat May Reduce Prejudice

'If you ask the right questions ...'

(Newser) - A new study published in the journal Science suggests that a quick, face-to-face conversation can put a dent in LGBT prejudice. Volunteers who went door to door—aka "deep canvassing," per the Atlantic —"substantially reduced transphobia," say the researchers. "We found that a single,... More »

New GOP Tactic: Volunteers Paid With 'Secret Money'

Citizens United ruling enables groups to pay volunteers

(Newser) - The vast infusion of money into political nonprofits has fueled a new development in GOP campaigning: groups that pay people to canvass and make phone calls, Politico reports. Such jobs come with hourly pay of up to $15 and perks like drawings to stay in a "posh hotel,"... More »

Target Sues Gay Rights Group

Advocates cite political move; Target says activists are hurting business

(Newser) - Target is suing a gay-rights group to get its members to stop demonstrating outside its stores in San Diego County. The company says Canvass For A Cause's aggressive tactics—which allegedly include cornering customers by the stores' entrances to debate gay marriage—are scaring off shoppers. But the group’s... More »

Stymied, Calif. Gay Activists Rally Grass-Roots Effort

(Newser) - Gay-marriage proponents in California are taking a page—and some staff—from the Obama campaign in an attempt to swing conservative votes, the Wall Street Journal reports. Many believe Proposition 8 passed because there was little outreach to districts that voted for the ban. “They would fly over from... More »

4 Stories