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Car Plows Into Kids Outside China School

5 dead, 18 injured in horrific incident

(Newser) - A car plowed into a crowd of children outside a primary school in northeastern China on Thursday, killing five people and injuring 18, a local government spokesman said. The driver was taken into custody after the crash around noon in the coastal city of Huludao in Liaoning province, the spokesman... More »

A Kidnapping of 78 on Sunday, a Release by Tuesday

Good news after mass child abduction in Cameroon

(Newser) - All 78 students kidnapped by anti-government separatists in Cameroon Sunday have been freed, officials now say, but the ordeal isn't over for everyone. The BBC reports that the children taken from Presbyterian Secondary School in Bamenda are now being questioned by authorities before they get to go home to... More »

Stabbing Attack Leaves Dozen-Plus Kindergartners Injured

Woman arrested in China for rampage with kitchen knife

(Newser) - More than a dozen Chinese kindergartners were injured Friday morning after a woman with a kitchen knife attacked them at a school in Chongqing, the AP and BBC report. The suspect, identified only as a 39-year-old with the last name Liu, wandered onto school grounds at the Xinshiji Kindergarten as... More »

12 Girls Die in Stampede During Afghan Quake

At least 30 other schoolgirls were injured in Afghanistan's Takhar province

(Newser) - The massive earthquake that shook South Asia Monday created a second tragedy in the Takhar province of Afghanistan when 12 schoolgirls rushing to escape the building they were in died in the ensuing stampede, AFP reports. Between 30 and 40 other girls were injured and taken to local hospitals, media... More »

Driver Saves Busload of Kids in Indiana Tornado

But loses three relatives of her own

(Newser) - An Indiana bus driver saved the lives of more than a dozen schoolkids even as her own home was ripped off its foundation by a tornado. Terry Kleopfer, who has worked as a driver for 23 years, recognized warning signs as she was carting a busload of children Friday afternoon.... More »

Kids Caught Playing 'Rape Tag' at School

Minnesota principal ordered teachers to put an end to game

(Newser) - Shocked officials in Minnesota have stepped in to stop disturbing games of "rape tag" on an elementary school playground in New Ulm. The game operated like freeze tag, but before a target could become "unfrozen" another player would have to rub up against them in a way simulating... More »

75 Schoolkids Hospitalized After Drinking Tainted Water

Pink chemical in water tasted sweet

(Newser) - The water coming out of drinking fountains in the new wing of a Queens, NY, elementary school was pink and tasted good, and now almost 75 kids who drank it have been hospitalized. Dozens of children complained their stomachs hurt after drinking the water, which was apparently contaminated with propylene... More »

Taliban Suspected in Schoolgirls' Poisoning

Militants deny involvement after 88 fall ill

(Newser) - At least 88 schoolgirls and their teachers have been hospitalized in Kunduz in northern Afghanistan over the last week because of what authorities suspect are poison gas attacks by the Taliban. The militant group, however—which isn't known for its unwillingness to own up to atrocities—firmly denies involvement, the ... More »

Schoolgirl Handcuffed, Suspended for Doodling

NYC 12-year-old arrested over '2 little doodles' in erasable marker

(Newser) - A 12-year-old New York City girl was arrested this week for doodling on her school desk in erasable marker and has been suspended. Alexa Gonzalez, who wrote “I love my friends” and “Lex was here,” says she "started crying, like, a lot" after being handcuffed. "... More »

How to Spot Great Teachers

Teach for America sheds light on two decades of insight

(Newser) - Teach for America is opening its books on 20 years of trial and error in figuring out what makes some teachers great and others complete busts. As it screens college applicants, it now pays special attention to two characteristics: perseverance and life satisfaction. By perseverance, it means "not just... More »

Popular Kids Become Healthier Adults

Classroom outcasts much likelier to suffer chronic health problems as adults

(Newser) - Children with few friends at school are much more likely to suffer poor health as adults, according to a new study. Swedish researchers asked 6th graders in 1966 which children they preferred to work with at school, then matched that data with hospital admissions between 1973 and 2003. They found... More »

Pick Your Poison: Swine Flu or Hand Sanitizer

Recent H1N1-inspired flood of alcohol-based products into schools are also flammable

(Newser) - Schools are loading up on hand sanitizer in an effort to fight swine flu—but the alcohol-based panacea has problems of its own, the Chicago Tribune reports. Bottles and dispensers of the stuff are ubiquitous in classrooms, and officials have belatedly realized the dangers of its 65% alcohol content. “... More »

Generation Shaped by 9/11 Shares Its Stories

Attacks ended 'carefree innocence' for many kids approaching adolescence

(Newser) - The September 11 attacks are as defining a moment for the generation starting college this year as the Kennedy assassination was for their parents, Peggy Noonan writes in the Wall Street Journal. For people young enough to still be children at the time but old enough to know what was... More »

Obama Speech Didn't Turn My Kids Into Commies

School budget cuts more of a worry than socialist indoctrination

(Newser) - Despite the worst fears of some right-wingers, President Obama's back-to-school speech yesterday didn't turn Mary Elizabeth Williams' two daughters into "commie zombies," she writes in Salon. Her 5-year-old decided the speech was boring and left the room in a huff, while the 9-year-old decided to "work extra... More »

Laura Bush: Obama Doing a Good Job

Former first lady addresses school speech controvery in CNN interview

(Newser) - President Obama's doing a good job, Laura Bush tells CNN during a wide-ranging chat yesterday about life after the White House. "I think he has got a lot on his plate, and he has tackled a lot to start with," she said, "and that has probably... More »

Obama Speech: Handwashing, Not Brainwashing

(Newser) - The eagerly anticipated speech President Obama will deliver to the nation's schoolchildren tomorrow contains none of the socialist indoctrination conservatives had apparently feared, Politico reports. Rather, an advance text indicates, he urges kids to work hard, not expect to get something for nothing, and "wash your hands a lot,... More »

Opposition to School Speech 'Silly': Gibbs

Obama press secretary also hints at possible racially-driven censorship

(Newser) - Robert Gibbs fired back today at critics of President Obama's planned address to school children, calling it "a little bit of the silly season," the Hill reports. Noting that that Ronald Reagan and the elder President Bush both made school addresses, he painted Obama's critics as censors,... More »

Back-to-School Speech Anger Rooted in Race

Right-wingers show 'irrational,' gut antipathy to Obama

(Newser) - If there’s one thing we should all be cool with, it’s the leader of the free world inspiring kids about education. But somehow the idea of President Obama giving a back-to-school speech has spawned an “outbreak of right-wing crazy,” writes Joan Walsh for Salon—“and... More »

Swine Flu: France Boots 'Disease- Ridden' British Kids

(Newser) - More than two dozen British schoolchildren on a school holiday were booted out of France after some came down with swine flu—but not before they were quarantined by medics in anti-contamination suits and insulted by locals. "It was as if we were dangerous criminals," said one of... More »

Ditch 'i Before e Except After c' Rule: Brits

Ditty 'not worth teaching,' government says

(Newser) - Generations of frustrated schoolchildren have grumbled that “i before e except after c” isn’t worth learning because of numerous exceptions. Now the British government agrees, the BBC reports. In a document sent to 13,000 primary schools, officials say the ditty “is not worth teaching” because it’... More »

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