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'New Information' Reopens Inquiry in Emmett Till's Murder

Following publication of a book in which Carolyn Donham says she lied when testifying against Till

(Newser) - The federal government has reopened its investigation into the slaying of Emmett Till, the black teen whose brutal killing in Mississippi shocked the world and helped inspire the civil rights movement more than 60 years ago. The Justice Department told Congress in a report in March it's reinvestigating Till'... More »

University Apologizes to Black Grads for 'Aggressive' Usher

University of Florida students were manhandled off stage

(Newser) - The University of Florida has apologized to black students who were manhandled off the stage by an aggressive usher at a commencement ceremony Saturday. Students say they were grabbed and shoved down the stage when they performed quick celebratory dances, with the usher apparently singling out African-American students, CNN reports.... More »

US Episcopals Install First Black Leader

Michael Curry gets the nod in Washington, DC

(Newser) - Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, installed Sunday as the first black leader of the US Episcopal Church, urged Episcopalians to evangelize by crossing divides of race, education, and wealth. Curry used the example of his own mother being given Communion at a white Episcopal parish before desegregation, and how that act... More »

Bodies in Florida Cemetery Are All Missing

Residents want to know, where did the bodies go?

(Newser) - Florida developers want to build townhouses on a 3-acre plot of land that once housed a black cemetery. But residents are raising a question first: What happened to all the bodies buried there? The Deerfield Beach City Commission will hold a meeting tomorrow to discuss the development, continuing a 40-year... More »

Boy Gets Nazi Ring From Vending Machine

4-year-old's mom outraged in Tulsa, Oklahoma

(Newser) - A mom in Tulsa, Oklahoma, got quite the shock when her 4-year-old son popped a quarter in a vending machine at a dollar store and out came a gold-colored, plastic ring—bearing the Nazi symbol of an eagle atop a swastika, Fox 23 reports. "You don't want to... More »

Who Ages Faster, Blacks or Whites?

Researchers find a 3-year gap in 'biological age'

(Newser) - A troubling new study says that black Americans age faster and die younger than their white counterparts, possibly because of the "everyday stressors" of being black, Medical Daily reports. Researchers at USC calculated this "biological age gap" by analyzing the physical exams and lifestyle surveys of 7,644... More »

Why Blacks Have a Thing About Barbershops

Professor Quincy Mills talks about black-barbershop history

(Newser) - Black barbershops are known for lively conversation on sports, politics, you name it—so of course there's a fascinating history behind them. In an interview with Collectors Weekly , Vassar College history professor Quincy Mills goes over barbershops' key role in black politics and identity, from the pre-Civil War years... More »

Olympian's Mission: Cut Drowning Among African-American Kids

Gold medal champ Cullen Jones hopes to reduce high numbers

(Newser) - After nearly drowning at the age of 5, Olympic swimmer Cullen Jones is using his watery brilliance to reduce the disproportionately high number of drowning deaths among African-American children. Jones won gold in 2008 and is competing in the London games, but in the off-season, he travels the nation with... More »

Blacks Still Waiting for 1st 'Black President'

Frederick Harris: Obama afraid of supporting black issues

(Newser) - Maybe President Obama really is the first gay president —because his policies certainly aren't doing much for blacks. "Obama has pursued a racially defused electoral and governing strategy, keeping issues of specific interest to African Americans ... off the national agenda," writes Frederick Harris in the Washington ... More »

Black Kids Not Receiving Equal Care in ER: Study

Odds of getting pain meds lower than those of white kids

(Newser) - Black kids don't receive the same emergency-room care that white children do, according to a new study of 2,000 kids who sought treatment for abdominal pain in 550 hospitals. It found that black children were 39% less likely to receive painkillers than their white peers. The racial gap... More »

Menacing Pit Bull Led Zimmerman to Get Gun

Complex portrait emerges of Trayvon Martin's killer

(Newser) - In a bizarre twist in a killing that has come to stand for deadly racial violence, it turns out that the great grandfather of Trayvon Martin's killer was African-Peruvian. George Zimmerman was generally regarded as trustworthy by his racially mixed Florida neighbors, who asked him to launch a community... More »

Falling From Favor: The Term 'African American'

Changing tastes have many preferring 'black'—or just 'American'

(Newser) - African Americans are increasingly shunning, well, the very term "African American," with many just preferring "black" amid increasingly complex origins and loyalties, reports the AP . "African American" rose to popularity in the 1980s, thanks in large part of Jesse Jackson's 1988 run for the presidency,... More »

All-White Urban Neighborhoods 'Effectively Extinct'

But Manhattan Institute report finds that racial inequality persists

(Newser) - As America prepares to celebrate Black History Month, revelations both encouraging and discouraging from the Manhattan Institute: A report released yesterday finds that the segregation of blacks in America's cities has hit its lowest point since 1910, thanks in part to the rise of black suburbanization, changes in the... More »

Black Atheists Dare to 'Come Out'

But face ostracism in highly religious community

(Newser) - African American atheism is not exactly a time-worn tradition. It's so rare, in fact, that black atheists risk losing friends and family, and having a much smaller pool of potential life partners, if they dare speak up, the New York Times reports. Washington resident Ronnelle Adams first told his... More »

How 'Washington' Became America's 'Blackest Name'

Were former slaves honoring George, embracing America?

(Newser) - George Washington’s name is synonymous with America—and of the people who bear his surname today, 90% of them are African-American, according to the 2000 census. How did “Washington” become, as Jesse Washington, writing for the AP calls it, the “blackest name" in America? It could be... More »

Report: 1 in 22 Black Americans Will Get HIV

Risk is 8 times higher than for whites

(Newser) - Health officials estimate that 1 in 22 black Americans will be diagnosed with the AIDS virus in their lifetime—more than twice the risk for Hispanics and eight times that of whites. The CDC report released yesterday says the lifetime risk is 1 in 52 for Hispanics and 1 in... More »

Teen Charged After Telling Blacks to Leave Whole Foods

In copycat incident, 14-year-old girl grabs store's microphone

(Newser) - A New Jersey 14-year-old may need a reminder that no one likes a copycat—or a racist: The teen girl grabbed the microphone at a Whole Foods in Edgewater on Saturday and told all blacks to leave the store, much like a 16-year-old boy did at a Wal-Mart in the... More »

Forget 'Negro' and 'Black,' Bring Back 'Colored'

Reid affair offers opportunity to rethink terms for black Americans

(Newser) - The controversy over Harry Reid's use of the word "negro," along with its inclusion in US census forms, has opened up a chance to settle the debate over what black Americans should call themselves once and for all, Cord Jefferson writes at The Root , suggesting "colored" be... More »

Black Optimism Surges

About 40% say they're better off now than 5 years ago, up from 20%

(Newser) - The last two years have seen a big increase in black Americans’ sense of how well-off they are in society. A Pew poll concludes that the election of President Obama was a “spur for this sharp rise in optimism,” in which 39% of respondents say they are better... More »

Precious a Perfect Look at Black America

Tyler Perry's film tells a story buried far too long

(Newser) - At first horrified, political alarms blaring, as she watched the Precious trailer, Erin Aubry Kaplan realized after seeing the film that it’s actually a story that has long needed to be told: “that of a big, black, sullen-faced, illiterate girl who lives in the depths of the ghetto... More »

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