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Solution for US Teacher Shortage Slammed as 'Abuse'

Some schools recruit teachers from overseas to work for wages that Americans won't accept

(Newser) - As teachers in multiple states stage walkouts to protest low pay, the New York Times reports on a trend taking place in some public schools: hiring foreign workers willing to teach for the wages that Americans aren't. Those who support the practice, which involves overseas teachers coming in via... More »

Trump Abortion-Linked Aid Cuts Deepen to $8.8B Globally

President is expanding 'Mexico City policy' against groups offering abortion services, info

(Newser) - In April, the UN Population Fund was one of the first under the "Mexico City policy" to lose US funds for allegedly participating in or supporting "coercive" abortions in China. Now that policy is being extended, with an announcement Monday from the State Department that more US funds... More »

US Airways Raising Bag Fees

Domestic checked-bag fee increases by $5

(Newser) - US Airways is following the lead of its competitors and raising bag fees, reports the East Bay Business Times. On domestic flights, the first checked bag will cost $25 and the second will cost $30, a $5 bump for both. If the bags are checked at the airport instead of... More »

Congress Hands Taxpayers Hefty Travel Tab

Jaunts to Paris, Kabul cost $13M last year, 10 times 1995 figure

(Newser) - Spending by Congress on taxpayer-funded trips overseas is nearly ten times what it was in 1995 and triple the amount spent in 2001, the Wall Street Journal finds in an analysis of some 60,000 travel records. Last year, hundreds of members of Congress went abroad at a cost of... More »

Skirting Bailout Rules, Banks Send Foreign Hires Abroad

(Newser) - Banks who have taken TARP funds from the government are getting creative about the immigration restrictions that come with the bailout, the Wall Street Journal reports. Financial institutions relying on government assistance cannot hire foreign workers unless they prove that they have exhausted the supply of native talent. So they’... More »

5 Stories