Summit of the Americas

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Obama, Castro Break the Ice

The US, Cuba meet for first time in over 50 years

(Newser) - The leaders of the US and Cuba held their first formal meeting in more than half a century today, clearing the way for a normalization of relations that had seemed unthinkable to both Cubans and Americans for generations. In a small conference room in a Panama City convention center, President... More »

Agents Boasted About Work to Prostitutes: Sources

This is not the scandal Obama needed before election

(Newser) - In another apparent security breach, Secret Service agents in Colombia bragged to prostitutes that they were in charge of protecting President Obama, sources tell ABC News . As they partied at a sex club, members of the president’s advance team allegedly boasted: “We work for Obama,” and “... More »

Obama Goofs on Falklands

He refers to disputed islands as Maldives

(Newser) - Gaffe alert: President Obama fumbled the Spanish name for the Falkland Islands in remarks before the Summit of the Americas. He referred to them as "the Maldives or the Falklands, whatever your preferred term," using the name of an island chain 8,000 miles away in the Indian... More »

'Badass' Hillary Clinton Surfaces in Colombia

Hillary lets down her hair

(Newser) - While President Obama had his hands full with the Secret Service prostitute scandal in Colombia, Hillary Clinton was partying at a trendy cafe in Cartagena. It was badass turn No. 2 for Clinton, who's undergoing a reputation refurbishment as a take-no-guff secretary of state thanks to the Texts from... More »

Obama: Drug 'Legalization Is Not the Answer'

Summit leaders increasingly want to end war on drugs

(Newser) - With an election year well under way, President Obama went to the Summit of the Americas in Colombia determined to talk about trade deals and the economy. Unfortunately, many of the other leaders wanted to talk about the failed war on drugs and legalization, reports the LA Times . "In... More »

Secret Service Felled When Agent Didn't Pay Hooker

11 agents put on leave, 5 military servicemen accused also

(Newser) - The Secret Service prostitution scandal that's threatening to overshadow the Summit of the Americas came to light after one agent refused to pay one of the women involved, reports the New York Daily News . “The agent said, ‘I don't owe you anything,’ but gave the... More »

Secret Service Agents Sent Home Over Prostitution Scandal

12 are recalled from Obama's trip to Colombia

(Newser) - Up to a dozen US Secret Service agents have been sent home from Colombia, where they were supposed to be providing security for President Obama at the Summit of the Americas, but instead were involved in "misconduct" with prostitutes, reports the Washington Post . Officially, the agency is mum about... More »

Guatemala Prez: Regulate the 'War on Drugs' to Death

Pérez Molina says experience proves drugs health issue, not criminal

(Newser) - Guatemala's President Otto Pérez Molina, due to his old job as head of intelligence services of the army, has been at the forefront of his country's drug war for more than 20 years. But despite "decades of big arrests and the seizure of tons of drugs,... More »

Chavez Reappoints Ambassador to US

Venezuelan president looks to better relationship with Obama

(Newser) - Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has reappointed an ambassador to the US, reports the Wall Street Journal. Pending approval from Washington, the post will be the first exchange of diplomats between the two countries since Venezuela ejected its American ambassador last year in solidarity with Bolivia. The move is yet another... More »

Latin Leaders Praise Obama on Cuba, Press for More

(Newser) - Latin American and Caribbean leaders praised President Obama today for reaching out to Cuba and urged him to end America's trade embargo with the communist nation, Reuters reports. After Brazil, Venezuela, and Caribbean nations applauded Obama's call for a "new beginning with Cuba" at a summit in Port... More »

Obama Calls For 'New Beginning' With Cuba

(Newser) - Adding warm words to the ongoing thaw in US-Cuba relations, President Obama said today he sought "a new beginning" with the island's communist regime, the Los Angeles Times reports. Obama spoke after arriving at the Summit of the Americas in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. "I... More »

Chavez to Obama: 'I Want to Be Your Friend'

(Newser) - President Obama smiled and shook hands with Hugo Chavez today, only a month after the anti-American Venezuelan leader called Obama "ignorant," the Times of London reports. "I want to be your friend," said Chavez today. The White House had said Obama would not meet personally... More »

Chilly Reception Awaits Obama at Summit

Odds are, summit will be full of awkward moments

(Newser) - President Obama got a warm welcome on his recent Europe trip, but he shouldn't expect the same from Latin America, the Washington Post reports. At the upcoming Summit of the Americas in Trinidad and Tobago, the new president is likely to face some tough questions, and potentially awkward moments, as... More »

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