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9 Celebs Dating Much Younger Men

In some cases, decades separate them

(Newser) - It's not just famous men who can have much younger lovers: The Frisky rounds up nine celebrity ladies in relationships with younger men:
  • When Sharon Stone was starring in Basic Instinct, her 30-years-younger guy Martin Mica was just ... six.
  • Madonna certainly seems to enjoy dating younger men. Her latest,
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There Are No Cougars: Study

Or at least, not some huge group of them

(Newser) - The cougar trend is a myth—at least, that’s what one researcher wants you to believe. Cougars and cougar advocates everywhere, however, beg to differ. Michael Dunn recently released a study of 22,400 singles ads from dating websites, in which he found no “sizable cohort” of women... More »

The Cougar Must Be Put Down

(Newser) - Rebecca Traister is fed up with the concept of the “cougar,” she writes for Salon. She doesn’t “hate the solitary wildcat who feasts on deer,” or “women who have sex with younger men. What I hate is the never-ending cutesy-pie conflation of the two.... More »

3 Stories