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Debate Rages Over Leno Move

Is talk show helping NBC, or destroying it?

(Newser) - Jay Leno’s primetime takeover has sparked furious debate in the TV business, as its ripple effects begin to be felt. Shows that thrived at 10pm, like Law & Order SVU, are dying in other slots; at least one, Southland, has been canceled outright. Anonymously, producers are calling the move... More »

Jay Leno Kills Southland

Cop drama left homeless without 10pm time slot

(Newser) - NBC’s cop drama Southland was critically acclaimed and had great ratings, but the network has stopped production on the series and canned the episodes it already completed. The explanation: The show is too dark and gritty for 9pm. Why not just air it in its original time slot,... More »

New Shows Offer NBC Ray of Hope

Southland , Parks and Recreation lead upturn

(Newser) - After years of poor ratings, NBC may be on the rebound with the help of two new series: cop show Southland and Amy Poehler’s comedy Parks and Recreation. Parks scored only 6.9 million total viewers, but it maintained 88% of The Office’s coveted young-adult audience. Southland topped... More »

3 Stories