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When Dinosaurs Were Killed, Earth Went Dark for 2 Years

New study shows climate effects of asteroid impact

(Newser) - When a 6-mile-wide asteroid crashed into the Gulf of Mexico 66 million years ago, it caused a devastating wave of earthquakes, volcanoes, and tsunamis that killed untold number of animals and ended the reign of the dinosaurs. Then things got really bad. In a study published Monday in PNAS , scientists... More »

Industrial Revolution Soot Melted Alps' Glaciers

Scientists say it covered the mountains and heated them up

(Newser) - This much isn't in dispute: The glaciers of the European Alps retreated by an average of 0.6 miles between 1860 and 1930. But why, especially when the temperature of the continent itself actually cooled in the same period? Now a team of scientists thinks it has the answer,... More »

No. 2 Global Warming Player: Black Carbon

Ranks high among all the ways humans contribute to climate change

(Newser) - The reputation of black carbon, aka the particles that make up soot, just got a whole lot dirtier, thanks to a four-year study of its impact on global warning. The analysis, compiled by 31 authors, found that black carbon's contribution to climate change is double what it was believed... More »

EPA's New Soot Rules Pose Threat to Obama

11 states demanded action on air pollution, but others will likely be irked

(Newser) - The Obama administration didn't want to tighten air pollution regulations until after the election—but lawsuits from 11 states have forced its hand. The Environmental Protection Agency will today announce a proposal for stricter rules on allowable soot levels. Though a final decision won't come until December, the... More »

Study: 14 Practical Steps Can Slow Climate Change

Try ditching wood cook stoves in developing world

(Newser) - Just because the world can't agree on a battle plan against carbon dioxide doesn't mean we can't take big strides against climate change, scientists say. In fact, a dozen or so relatively simple steps could cut global warming by nearly 1 degree Fahrenheit by mid-century, a process... More »

Space Tourism May Warm Planet

Rockets send soot into stratosphere

(Newser) - Space tourism may sound, well, out-of-this-world, but there is a good chance it will pollute this world, possibly contributing to global warming. As firms like Boeing prepare to launch space tourism businesses , a new study warns that the soot emitted by commercial rockets may get stuck in the stratosphere, notes... More »

Calif. Wildfire Doubles Size to 85K Acres

10K evacuated as soot covers parts of Los Angeles

(Newser) - A southern California wildfire almost doubled in size overnight, reaching a whopping 85,760 acres, NBC Los Angeles reports, calling the speed of the fire’s spread “staggering.” A blanket of soot covers parts of the city as locals are warned to stay indoors, and heavy winds are... More »

Third-World Cookstoves Ignite Carbon Debate

Cutting soot could slow climate change by 18%

(Newser) - A simple $20 stove may be the ticket to slowing global warming by nearly a fifth, the New York Times reports. Soot—otherwise known as black carbon—is the second-biggest contributor to climate change, and it spews from hundreds of millions of simple stoves in developing countries daily. Installing solar-powered... More »

8 Stories