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My Husband Works for Romney. So What?

Former anchor: spouse's job doesn't define my views

(Newser) - Former CNN and NBC anchor Campbell Brown is tired of people hammering her over her marital ties: Her husband, Dan Senor, is a Mitt Romney aide, and readers of her opinion pieces have raised concerns about disclosure. But to assume that her views are deeply intertwined with her husband's... More »

Bank of America Didn't Disclose AIG Lawsuit Threat

But it's not clear if they legally had to

(Newser) - Bank of America knew that AIG was about to try to sue its pants off as far back as January, but it never told investors on any of its conference calls or in any of its regulatory filings, sources tell Reuters . Public companies are supposed to disclose legal threats to... More »

Obama Looks to Crack Down on Secret Donations

Administration actions would replace law Congress fails to pass

(Newser) - The Obama administration has drafted an executive order that would force all companies seeking government contracts to disclose their donations to groups airing political ads, as part of a multi-pronged attack on the kind of anonymous campaign spending Republicans walloped Democrats with last year. The FEC is also moving to... More »

Google Bares Government Demands for Data

New tool also reveals content-removal demands

(Newser) - Google has won the praise of privacy advocates by rolling out a tool that shows just how often governments ask for information about its users. Of the countries listed on Google Disclosure —which omits China—Brazil leads the way with 3,663 requests for data during the second half... More »

Stop Lefty Thugs Bullying Gay Marriage Opponents

Supreme Court must step in to keep chill off participation

(Newser) - A movement in Washington state to force the disclosure of the names of those who supported a referendum on same-sex marriage has George Will up in arms over “thuggish liberalism” and its chilling effect on political participation. Signing one’s name in support of such a measure is akin... More »

Top Public Mea Culpas

Not surprisingly, Bill Clinton is king of the list

(Newser) - David Letterman’s acknowledgement yesterday of some skeletons in his closet is only the latest caught by television’s unforgiving lens; Lisa Todorovich runs down her faves on True/Slant:
  • Bill Clinton: The Democratic candidate, with wife Hillary alongside, cops to “mistakes in my marriage in a 1992 interview with
... More »

Obama Releases Bush Memos Detailing Torture

Justice docs released detail OK'd techniques

(Newser) - A Bush-era memo on interrogation techniques acknowledged that waterboarding represented a “threat of imminent death,” but that the simulated-drowning procedure was not torture because it caused no lasting psychological harm, Reuters reports. The Justice Department memo and three others on interrogations were released to the public today—and... More »

7 Stories