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Other Officer 'Deliberately Aimed' at Maryland Cop in Fatal Shooting

But with no malice, police chief says

(Newser) - Jacai Colson, the Maryland police officer killed by friendly fire during a shootout outside a police station Sunday, was shot by another officer who "deliberately aimed at him," the Prince George's County police chief said Wednesday. The chief clarified that there was no malice involved, but the... More »

Police Bullet Hit Sydney Hostage

Bullet ricocheted, hit Katrina Dawson during cops' shootout with gunman

(Newser) - Australian cops who stormed the Sydney chocolate shop where a gunman took 18 people hostage may have accidentally killed one of the captives in the melee, the Sydney Morning Herald says. Police investigators say that forensics show 38-year-old Katrina Dawson was struck by fragments from a police bullet, which ricocheted... More »

US Accidentally Launches Airstrike on Own Troops

5 dead in one of deadliest friendly-fire incidents in Afghanistan

(Newser) - A coalition aircraft strike killed five American Special Ops troops and at least one Afghan soldier last night, US and Afghan officials tell the New York Times . The war in Afghanistan has seen more than a dozen instances of friendly-fire killings, but this was among the deadliest, the paper notes.... More »

Border Patrol Agent Fired First: Probe

Nicholas Ivie died when fellow agents returned fire

(Newser) - Details are emerging on the probe into Border Patrol agent Nicholas Ivie's death , which sparked debate over border security and drug-cartel violence coming from Mexico, the AP reports. Apparently Ivie responded to a sensor tripped in southern Arizona and fired on two other agents thinking they were smugglers, according... More »

Border Patrol Agent's Killer: Friendly Fire, Sources Say

Nicholas Ivie's death was accidental, sources say

(Newser) - Border Patrol agent Nicholas Ivie was apparently not shot by Mexican drug runners after all. Federal and state officials tell NBC that another agent at the scene accidentally killed Ivie. Investigators based their conclusion on ballistics analysis, the lack of proof that other gunmen were there, and other evidence, the... More »

'I Ask That You Live': Pat Tillman's Love Letters to His Wife

New book details correspondence over 11-year relationship

(Newser) - Before he was an NFL star, Army Ranger, and fallen war hero, Pat Tillman was just a guy who loved a girl. Tillman's high school sweetheart and widow, Marie, reveals snippets of that guy via the letters he wrote her over the course of their 11-year relationship in a... More »

Miscommunication Caused Friendly Fire Drone Killings

Warning by US-based analysts never sent to operator, ground forces: Report

(Newser) - The two US servicemen killed by a Predator in April died because Marines on the ground and the Air Force crew operating the drone were not told by analysts elsewhere of doubts about the men's identity, reports the LA Times . The incident occurred on April 6 when a Marine... More »

Cops Shoot Cop During Potter Cinema Porn Bust

Friendly fire injures 2 during bungled kiddie porn arrest

(Newser) - A bungled bust outside a movie theater in Connecticut left the suspect and two police officers needing hospital treatment. A pair of officers confronted a suspect wanted on child pornography charges after he left a late-night screening of the new Harry Potter movie. The suspect resisted arrest and reached for... More »

2 US Troops Killed in Drone Friendly Fire

Military probing Afghanistan deaths

(Newser) - Two American servicemen were killed in Afghanistan last week in what is believed to be the first case of friendly fire deaths involving a Predator drone. The pair were killed by a Hellfire missile after Marines under fire called in a strike, military officials tell NBC. The Marines were viewing... More »

Rogue Afghan Soldier Kills 3 British Troops

Fires grenade into group of soldiers before escaping

(Newser) - A rogue Afghan soldier fired a rocket-propelled grenade into a group of international forces early this morning, killing three British troops and wounding four others. The Afghan soldier, who used a shoulder-mounted launcher to fire a grenade at around 2am, escaped and is being sought. Afghan President Hamid Karzai sent... More »

NATO Strike Kills 5 Afghan Troops

Allies 'weren't clear' Afghans were in the area

(Newser) - NATO mistakenly killed five of its Afghan army allies in an airstrike today while the Afghans were attacking insurgents in the country's east. The Afghan soldiers were launching an ambush before dawn against insurgents in Ghazni province when NATO aircraft began firing on them without warning, the AP reports. An... More »

NATO Strike Kills Afghan Troops

4 soldiers are victims of 'friendly fire' incident

(Newser) - 'Friendly fire' from NATO air strikes killed 4 Afghan soldiers this morning, as their newly established outpost in an area southwest of Kabul was mistakenly targeted. The Afghan Defense Ministry immediately expressed outrage and called for a court martial for the troops responsible. The Canadian spokesman for the NATO forces... More »

NATO Airstrike Kills 7 Afghan Soldiers

Mistaken assault on joint NATO, Afghan base

(Newser) - A NATO airstrike in the western province of Badghis mistakenly hit a joint base housing coalition troops and Afghan security forces, killing four Afghan soldiers and three policemen, Afghan officials said today. An Afghan army commando unit, district police members and foreign forces were in the base in the Bala... More »

Tillman Parents No Fans of New Afghan General

Blame McChrystal for covering up NFL star's death; call for vetting

(Newser) - Pat Tillman's parents say Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal helped cover up the circumstances of their son's death and they want his record carefully considered before he takes charge of the Afghan war, the AP reports. McChrystal approved a citation for Tillman stating he was killed "in the line of... More »

French Bullet Killed Somali Pirate Hostage

Man died in crossfire as troops stormed captive yacht in April

(Newser) - French forces who stormed a yacht captured by Somali pirates on April 10 also shot dead one of the five hostages on board, Radio France Internationale reports. Prosecutors had said last month that it was unclear who was responsible for the bullet that killed Florent Lemaçon, who was caught... More »

Three UK Soldiers Killed by US Fire

Jet was providing support v. Taliban

(Newser) - Fire from an American jet killed three British soldiers in Afghanistan yesterday evening in one of the worst “friendly fire” disasters in years. The US air support was called in to aid the soldiers, who were fighting Taliban forces; a single bomb from the F15 killed the Royal Anglian... More »

Brother Decries 'Calculated Lies' On Pat's Death

Kevin Tillman, Jessica Lynch testify on military myth-making

(Newser) - The military created an "utter fiction" around Pat Tillman's friendly-fire death, the brother of the former NFL star told a congressional panel today. The Army used his death as an opportunity to bolster support for the war, Kevin Tillman said, calling early reports that Pat had been killed in... More »

Tillman's Mom Wants Hearings On Cover-Up

"This was an attempt to dupe the public and to promote this war."

(Newser) - Congress should investigate the Army's cover-up of Pat Tillman's friendly-fire death, his mother told ESPN Radio yesterday. A military inquiry concluded Monday that nine high-ranking military officials would face "corrective action," not criminal charges, for their role in claiming Tillman was killed by enemy fire long after they... More »

U.S. Stiffs Brits in Friendly Fire Investigation

British coroner calls soldier's 2003 death "criminal"

(Newser) - The British government is taking aim at the U.S. military for its role in covering up the 2003 friendly-fire death of a British solider in Iraq. A coroner’s report Friday ruled Lance Cpl. Matty Hull’s death at the hands of American pilots avoidable—and criminal—but the... More »

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