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They Sought Adventure, Died While Pursuing It

Travel vloggers die in fall from BC waterfall

(Newser) - Three Canadians who shared their love of travel with 1.1 million subscribers on Instagram and another 500,000 subscribers on YouTube died this week after tumbling over a waterfall. The content creators for High on Life were swimming in a rock pool above Shannon Falls near Squamish, BC, around... More »

Scientists Figure Out Mystery of 'Bloody' Antarctic Waterfall

Blood Falls gets its liquid from large brine source underneath glacier: scientists

(Newser) - The only thing that has moved slower than Taylor Glacier is progress on solving a 100-year-old mystery about the famous red waterfall nearby—until now. Since 1911, when a scientist first stumbled across Antarctica's Blood Falls, researchers have been scratching their heads about a flow of salty water leading... More »

20 Dead After Freak Accident at Waterfall

The victims were mostly high school students

(Newser) - It's one of Ghana's top tourist draws, and on Sunday, the scene of a freak tragedy. Some 20 high school students were killed at the Kintampo waterfalls when a tree or trees (media reports differ on the number) fell at the top of the falls and toppled on... More »

Yosemite's 'Firefall' Appears for Only a Few Minutes Every February

The phenomenon is like catnip for photographers

(Newser) - Mother Nature is again putting on a show at California's Yosemite National Park, where every February the setting sun draws a narrow sliver of light on a waterfall to make it glow like a cascade of molten lava, the AP reports. The phenomenon known as "firefall" draws scores... More »

White Rainbows Frequent Only 2 Places in the World

Zambia and Kentucky boast monthly displays

(Newser) - Waterfalls are among the most reliable places to catch a rainbow, but only two on the planet offer up a regular display of its close cousin, the moonbow: Cumberland Falls in Kentucky and Victoria Falls on the Zambia-Zimbabwe border. Also called a white rainbow, a moonbow appears when moonlight (which... More »

'Leap of Faith' Off Hawaii Waterfall Ends Badly

Yet Shiloh Shahan still wants to try it again

(Newser) - Shiloh Shahan calls it his "leap of faith." Others call it just plain stupid. While visiting Wailua Falls on the Hawaiian island of Kauai on Sept. 1, the California native decided to ignore the many warning signs and jump an estimated 85 to 173 feet from the top... More »

Georgia News Anchor Swept Over Waterfall

41NBC is mourning Taylor Terrell

(Newser) - The station 41NBC in Macon, Ga., is mourning news anchor Taylor Terrell, who was swept over a waterfall to her death the day before her 25th birthday. A US Forest Service spokeswoman says Terrell fell 160 feet over Rainbow Falls in Transylvania County, NC, on Thursday after she slipped on... More »

Man Tries to Rescue Friend at Waterfall, Both Die

Would-be rescuer fell 150 feet, friend died in hospital

(Newser) - A man who apparently slipped from the top of a waterfall in North Carolina is dead along with his would-be rescuer. Authorities say Joseph Hopkins, 23, and Davis Zinsenheim, 22, were visiting a resident of the Lake Toxaway area from Georgia on Tuesday when they decided to explore a waterfall... More »

Boy Killed by Falling Rock on Impromptu Hike With Uncle

'This was a non-survivable injury'

(Newser) - Connor McLaughlin, 12, was driving with his uncle when the pair saw Roaring Brook Falls in New York's Adirondacks and decided to make an unplanned stop to hike in and get a closer look Sunday. Tragically, as the boy stood with his uncle Jesse Malone, 40, at the base... More »

Officials' Plan: Turn Off Niagara Falls

New York State wants to replace two ailing bridges

(Newser) - Plan on visiting the US side of Niagara Falls? Better plan ahead, if you want to see actual falls—because New York state officials want to temporarily stop the water from flowing, Discovery reports. They plan to direct water away from Bridal Veil Falls and American Falls, two of three... More »

The Solution to Your Sleep Woes: a Waterfall?

Irish falls video has helped so many insomniacs it's now used in medical research

(Newser) - "Makes me feel at peace," "My headache soon went away," and "With this through my headphones, studying never has been easier" are just a handful of the comments you'll find underneath a viral YouTube video created by UK visual artist Johnnie Lawson. But Lawson... More »

Hiker, Rescuer Both Die at Wash. Waterfall

After hikers fall, tragedy strikes search and rescue team

(Newser) - A group of hikers got into trouble Saturday at Washington state's Pilchuck Falls, and the night ended with one hiker and one rescuer dead. Four people were on a logging road near the falls when two of them decided to "work their way down toward the falls,"... More »

In Antarctica, a Waterfall Runs Red

Inside the wonders of Blood Falls

(Newser) - It's as eerie as it is breathtaking and surprising: a waterfall in Antarctica that runs blood-red. The appropriately named Blood Falls drops five stories from the Taylor Glacier and into Lake Bonney, its bright red hue like a wound through the glacier. The Smithsonian digs into the story behind... More »

Teen Swept Over 594-Foot Yosemite Waterfall

Fall would be impossible to survive, rangers say

(Newser) - After a day and a half of searching, rescue teams in Yosemite National Park fear a notorious stretch of river has claimed yet another life. Aleh Kalman, 19, was swimming in the Merced River 150 feet upstream from Nevada Fall on Saturday afternoon when he was caught by the current... More »

New York's 'Eternal Flame' Holds Natural Gas Secret

We may have more gas resources than previously believed: researcher

(Newser) - An "eternal flame" tucked behind a western New York state waterfall could have been lit as many as thousands of years ago—but it's only now revealing secrets about the natural gas that fuels it. There are thought to be a few hundred of these natural flames around... More »

2 Feared Dead After Trying to Save Boy in River

Adults missing in SD, but boy who fell in is safe

(Newser) - Emergency teams have changed their search from rescue to recovery, after two people went missing in the raging Big Sioux River in South Dakota yesterday evening, reports the AP . After a 6-year-old boy fell into the churning waters, just downstream from local falls, a female relative and a man rushed... More »

2nd Person Goes Over Niagara Falls

Authorities searching for the latest, the second in two days

(Newser) - Yesterday, a man survived a drop over the Canadian Horseshoe section of Niagara Falls; today, another person has apparently plunged over the falls on the US side, reports the Buffalo News . The rocks on the American side make survival unlikely, "but we've got to keep looking," says... More »

Witness Recounts Terrifying Tale of Yosemite Tragedy

Three hikers were swept into river one by one before going over falls

(Newser) - Witnesses are starting to paint a picture of exactly what happened at Yosemite's Vernal Fall Tuesday when three people, now presumed dead , were swept over . One hiker first saw a man who had crossed the barricade leaning over the waterfall holding a screaming young girl. "I'm yelling... More »

3 Yosemite Hikers Presumed Dead After Waterfall Plunge

Teams to continue search for bodies

(Newser) - Three hikers who fell over a waterfall in Yosemite National Park yesterday are now presumed dead. The trio—all in their 20s—climbed over a guardrail at the top of Vernal Falls, lost their footing in the swift water, and were swept over the 317-foot waterfall, say witnesses. Park officials... More »

Woman Dies in Plunge Over Niagara Falls

Witness reports indicate it may have been suicide

(Newser) - A 51-year-old woman was swept over Niagara Falls and died Tuesday, in what may have been a suicide. About 30 witnesses saw the Canadian woman floating by them, "with her eyes closed" but apparently alive, at about 4:30pm, one tells the Toronto Sun . Then "she went past... More »

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